• Date: 29/06/2022
  • Type: Sheep

  • Town: Markethill (Co. Armagh)
  • Address: Markethill Livestock & Farm Sales 12 Cladymilltown Road, Markethill County Armagh
  • Webpage: Markethill Mart

29/06/2022 - Markethill Sheep Mart Report


An entry of 1200 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 29 th June returned a steady trade for fat lambs.
The cull ewe trade eased slightly.
Good quality heavy lambs sold from £130 to £143 per head with good quality pens from 510p/k to
548p/k for 25k at £137 from a Portadown farmer, followed by 542p/k for 24k at £130 from a
Portadown producer.
Good quality midweight lambs sold steadily from 530p/k to 577p/k for 14 lambs at 21.5k at £124
from a Richhill farmer, followed by 575p/k for 6 lambs, 23.5k at £135 from a Mountnorris farmer.
A large entry of store lambs sold in an exceptionally strong trade with light lambs selling to 677p/k
for 16 lambs, 13k at £88 from a Portadown farmer. The same owner received 670p/k for 10k at £67
each and 648p/k for 12.8k lambs at £83.
Main trade for good quality stores from 540p/k to 640p/k with stronger pens selling to 568p for
17.6k at £100 per head.
Good quality cull ewes sold from £130 to £182, plainer ewes from £70 to £100 each.
Portadown producer 25k £137 548p/k: Portadown producer 24k £130 542p/k: Richhill producer 26k
£140 538p/k: Portadown producer 26k £139 535p/k: Whitecross producer 26.5k £141 532p/k:
Aughnacloy producer 24.5k £130 531p/k: Kilkeel producer 27k £143 530p/k: Armagh producer 24.2k
£128 529p/k:
Portadown producer 21.5k £124 577p/k: Mountnorris producer 23.5k £135 575p/k: Ballynahinch
producer 23.3k £133 571p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 23.2k £131.5 567p/k: Dungannon
producer 21.9k £124 566p/k: Gilford producer 20.9k £118 565p/k: Dungannon producer 22.2k £125
563p/k: Belleeks producer 22.5k £126.50 562p/k: Markethill producer 22.3k £125 561p/k:
Portadown producer 13k £88 677p/k: 10k £67 670p/k: 12.8k £83 648p/k: 11.1k £71 640p/k: 14.2k
£85 599p/k: Mullaghbawn producer 14.8k £87 588p/k: Portadown producer 14.4k £84 583p/k:
Mullaghbawn producer 14k £81 579p/k: Portadown producer 17.6k £100 568p/k:

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