Getting the best out of Cattle Slurry

21/01/2022 Website News
Getting the best out of Cattle Slurry



With fertiliser prices at an all-time high, cattle slurry will be a key resource on farm this year. If used correctly it can help to reduce the impact of high nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) prices. It is very important to get the maximum return from the nutrients in your slurry and during this Teagasc webinar there is discussion on how you can get the rate and application timing right to maximise your opportunity to reduce the chemical fertiliser inputs in the year ahead. Teagasc  also looks at the low emission slurry spreading (LESS) equipment and discussed how this technology will not only benefit your return from the slurry but also help to meet our national ammonia gas reduction target between now and 2030.


Speakers during the webinar were Francis Quigley, Machinery Specialist with Teagasc; Mark Plunkett, Soil and Plant Nutrition Specialist with Teagasc along with Patrick Kavanagh, Teagasc Kildalton, Richie White, Contractor, Co. Tipperary and Kendrick Hull from Vantage Ireland


The slurry spreading season opened in mid-January, except for four northern countries. So what better time to view  this Teagasc Seminar on Slurry.


Soil temperature was still too cold in the last week to get the best use of nitrogen in slurry. This is when soil temerature exceeds  5.5°C, Combined with weather allowing for traffic on the soil, grass growth and psitive weather forecast, you can get added value from spreading. suitable,


Fertiliser costs are in some cases showing  100% increase in cost compared to this time last year, so now more then ever there is real value in getting the most out of your slurry. .

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