• Date: 28/05/2022
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

28/05/2022 - Headford Cattle, Weanling Mart Report

Headford Co-Op MART REPORT 28 May 2022


Stock was on fire today in Headford with numbers on offer even larger than expected earlier in the week. The Cull Cow was the shining star this week – though all categories sold fast and furious.


The day started as it was to continue with fast bids and quick sales:

LMX 535Kg €1780 €3.33/Kg.  LM 505Kg €1670 €3.31/Kg. CHX 505Kg €1540 €3.05/Kg.  LMX 565Kg €1740 €3.07/Kg.  CHX 565Kg €1810 €3.20/Kg.  LMX 660Kg €1900. LMX 580Kg €1790 €3.09/Kg.  CHX 590Kg €1860. LM 570Kg €1830 €3.21/Kg.


Stock bulls looked impressive this week with a fine specimen young PB CH from Cloughanover making €1950 at 560Kg or €3.45/Kg.  Other bulls: LM  735Kg €2200 €2.99/Kg.  LMX  955Kg €2300 €2.40


AAX 805Kg €2300 @ €2.87/Kg.  BAX 635Kg €1890 @ 2.98/Kg.  LMX 595Kg €1790 @ €3.01/Kg.  SIX 700Kg €1750 @ €2.50/Kg.  AAX 675Kg €1820 @ €2.69/Kg

Suckler Cows

Sucklers numbers jumped this week:  CHX cow/calf €2270. LMX cow/calf €1930. CHX cow/calf €2180.  


Numbers up well on last week for the Aged Heifers with smashing prices here again:

CHX 675Kg €2200 @ €3.26/Kg.  CH 660Kg €2080 @ €3.15/Kg.  HEX 690Kg €2080 @ €3.01/Kg.  LMX 570Kg €1830 @ €3.21/Kg   Lowest aged heifer price was €900 for 250Kg LMX born May 2021.  All others hitting up and above the €3 mark.


Numbers here were tight this week resulting in stiff competition on the ring:

LMX 310Kg €960 @ €3.09/Kg.  CHX 380Kg €1180 @ €3.10/Kg  LM 350Kg €1080 @ €3.08/Kg.  CHX 355 Kg €1050 @ €2.95/Kg   LMX 375Kg €1100 @ €2.96/Kg



Lowest price secured was €2.19/Kg for FR 341Kg €750. But from this the Euro’s jumped:

LMX 520Kg €1490 €2.86/Kg.  BBX 380Kg €1160 €3.01/Kg.  HEX 215Kg €550 €2.55/Kg.  CH 280Kg €1020 €3.64/Kg.

With hot demand and full clearance, we were delighted that so many farmers answered the call for more stock to meet the demand. See our online pages FB, Insta, TicToc for pics. Next weeks form is already looking good with a nice supply of bullocks already booked in and another hot week for the cull cows is expected.  Call 093 35572 to book or message us on our facebook page "Headford Livestock Mart & Property Sales.”

Finally, we wish all the Headfest crew the very best for the festical’s long-awaited return next weekend - especially our own Co-Op committee member Liam McDonagh, who is working hard for both committees at the same time. For all the events at Headfest over the weekend see their facebook page ‘HEADFEST.’ – But definitely don’t miss the Tractor Run 3pm Saturday!


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