• Date: 14/05/2022
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

14/05/2022 - Headford Cattle Mart Report

Headford Co-Op Mart Report 14th May 2022.

Sheep prices continued to hold strong trade – nice pics of all stock in our online platforms! Sheep prices included  5 (couple & single) €218 and 5 (single & couple) €222

61Kgs cull ewes €110. 60Kg €170 ewe hoggot. Spring lambs made average €175 for 47Kg.

Some nice examples of forward stores today. Few savage angus cows made well over €2000

Improvement works continue at Headford Mart with benefits showing for all stakeholders, including hut for morning entries, upgrades to cattle ring.

CROI Nurses, under the Galway Rural development Scheme completed health checks on over 40 farmers today – so well done to everyone for helping support the Movement for May promotion. Thanks especially to Emily Hughes Galway RD Rural Resource Officer and best of luck in her new role!

Some lovely examples again today from Corrandulla farmer Jimmy Forde.  Jimmy had previously won best heifer at our recent Cattle Spring Show & Sale and indicates that ‘there’s more where they came from’ on the way!

Special happy birthday this week to our very own Jimmy Hannon who celebrates a ‘significant’ birthday this week. Jimmy has been a loyal supporter and employee of Headford Mart for over 40 years. We want to take this opportunity to thank him for his advice, support and friendship – but in particular thank his lovely wife Bernie and their daughters for their support and patience!!!


Bullocks were a fast trade with multiple lots meeting over the €3.10/kg

CHX 595 kg making €1825 @3.07/kg

LMX 465 kg making €1500 @3.32 /kg

AA 480 kg making €1480 @ 3.08 /kg

BB 560 kg making €1620 @3.00 /kg

Average €2.91 per KG Achieved


LM 540 Kg sold for a price €1560 @ 2.89/kg

LMX 820 kg sold for a price €2260 @ 2.76/kg

FRX 705 kg sold for a price €1540 @ 2.18/kg

AAX 795 kg sold for a price €2200 @ 2.77/kg


CHX cow and calf €1650 price per kg €4.95

Average price achieved per kg 4.50/kg


Big jump in numbers in Aged Heifers this week resulted in several online purchases.

Average price was €2.82/Kg

BB 505Kg €1360 €2.69/Kg

CHX 405Kg €1280 €3.16/Kg

CHX 625Kg €1910 €3.06/Kg

LMX 425Kg €1310 €3.08/Kg


LMX 295Kg €950 €3.22/Kg

AAX 345Kg €1100 €3.19/Kg

AAX 400Kg €1140 €2.85/Kg

Average €2.79/Kg across the board.



Smaller numbers this week in weanling bulls left buyers needing to compete heavily for their purchases.

CHX 360Kg €110 €3.06/Kg

LM 305Kg €900 €2.95/Kg

BA 385Kg €1060 €2.75/Kg

Average on weanling bulls was €2.79/Kg, meeting the wean. heifers.



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