• Date: 07/05/2022
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

07/05/2022 - Headford Cattle, Weanling Mart Report

Headford Mart was CRACKIN’ today!

Sheep numbers were back on last week but this added to the sale with top pen price going to Tuam farmer with spring lambs at €825. €3.51/Kg.

Best price per Kg making €3.61 for lambs.

Huge action online with new bidders securing wins, resulting in plenty of excitement ringside throughout the day.

New morning entry system at the chutes proved a huge success, saving sellers time penning stock in the morning as well as upgrading the Health & Safety protocols for all stakeholders.

‘Kudos Mór’ to all the staff who ensured the sale went so smoothly!

Top price bullock went to Turloughmore seller €2080 for 723Kg CHX.

Samples of bullocks: LMX 490Kg €1600 or €3.67/Kg.  CHX 480Kg €1540 or €3.21/Kg.

LMX 350Kg €1530 or €4.31/Kg. AAX 475Kg €1480 or €3.12/Kg.

Best price per Kg was a whopping €4.56, secured by one of the weanling bulls.

50% weanling bulls made over the €1000. With best price per head going to LMX €1260.

Stock bulls came in well with best going to CH 635Kg  €1750.

Competition continued with Cull cows performing well. Ranging from €850 for 380Kg AAX up to €1790 for 690Kg  CHX.

BAX 695Kg made €1590.  CHX 490Kg made €1040. 66% cows made more than €1300.

Small number of sucklers did really well making €1450 up to €1620.

Aged heifers ranged from €750 for lighter 325Kg LMX. But increased quickly to €2170 for smashing 705Kg CH.

Weanling Heifer sales favoured the LMX today with €1360 paid for 455Kg. Followed hotly by €1300/385Kg and €1300/385Kg.

In terms of weight, stock less than 500 Kgs ranged from min €1.40 up to €4.56 per Kg with average of €2.85/Kg.

500-600Kg went from €1.60 up to €3.24 with average of €2.75/kg.

600-650Kg stock secured €2.43- €2.95 with average €2.82/Kg.

Stock over 650Kg ranged from €2.20 through to €3.08 per Kg.

The day ended at bright as it started with over 90% clearance.

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