• Date: 23/04/2022
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

23/04/2022 - Headford Cattle, Weanling Mart Report

Headford Co-Op Mart Report 23rd April 2022

Sheep prices held strong with quality lambs holding a great price. 50Kgs/€180 per head. €3.60 average /Kg

Strong turn out today on both sides of the ring. Exceptional show-quality in heifer weanlings, ideal for breeding, were flavour of the day. Brisk trade in all categories in Headford today with 450 cattle through the ring.

Special welcome to new auctioneer on the rostrum, Craig Lovett from Cavan. Craig’s flamboyant presence sparked competition on the ringside and provided for some exciting exchanges during day. He was very impressed with the outstanding quality throughout and mentioned the Rahoon bred weanlings in particular – interestingly, same breeder has booked more pens for next week. You have been warned!

Thanks to all the sellers and buyers for their support. Reminder to all sellers to send us your pics and info so we can help you get your best price on the day. WhatsApp 0873339786


Bullocks were a quick trade with multiple lots meeting over the €2.95/kg

CHX 560 kg making €1610 @2.88/kg

LMX 535 kg making €1590 @2.97/kg

CHX 520 kg making €1560 @ 3.00/kg

CHX 565 kg making €1620 @2.87/kg



LMX 740Kg sold for a price €1790 @ 2.42/kg

SA 765kg sold for a price €1790 @ 2.42/kg

AAX 530kg sold for a price€1430 @ 2.70kg


LMX cow with calf at foot . avg 278Kg sold for €1700 @ 6.12/kg

LMX cow with AAX calf at foot 413 kg avg sold for €1960 @4.75/kg

Average price achieved per kg 3.26/kg


BB 480 Kg sold for € 1690 @ 3.52 kg

LMX 450 Kg sold for €1510 @ 3.36 kg

LMX 590Kg sold for € 1660 @ 3.82 kg

CHX 670 kg sold for €1950 @ 2.91 kg


LMX 450Kg making €1500 @ 3.36 Kg

PTX 397kG making €1750 @ 4.47 Kg

BBX 330kG making 1180 @ 3.57 kg


AAX 500 Kg making €1302@ 2.60 Kg

BBX 370Kg making €1000 @ 2.70 kg

CHX 450Kg making €1110 @ 2.74Kg

CHX 365 kg making €1110 @ 3.04 kg

Average price achieved € 2.76/kg

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