• Date: 18/06/2022
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Sheep, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

18/06/2022 - Headford Cattle, Weanling & Sheep Mart Report

Contrary to the national trend, Headford Mart numbers are holding steady week on week. Prices also holding with lighter stock on offer.

In the Sheep yard,

Quality Ewes made €185 per head. Store Lamb made €3.40/Kg or €170/50Kg and lighters samples made €3.25/Kg 37Kg/ €120. Buyers are hungrily foraging for more sheep. This will encourage prices to favour sellers. Now is ideal time to come to Headford Mart!

Another busy week for the online buyers in Headford providing plenty of competition and adding to excitement ringside.

Bullock Sample Prices included:  Lighter stock actually improved lifted on last weeks prices: LMX 450Kg €1490 / €3.31Kg. LMX 405Kg €1370 / €3.38Kg (up on last week). CHX 390Kg €1360 / €3.49Kg. AAX 400Kg €1120/€2.80Kg. SHX 490Kg €1160/€2.37Kg. A light FR 410Kg came in at €850 / €2.07Kg.   Heavier stock: 593Kg €1780/€3.00Kg.  LMX 755Kg €2220 / €2.94Kg.  CHX 780Kg €2240/€2.87Kg.  HEX 645Kg €1600/€2.48.

COW PRICES INCLUDE:  Dry cows are still holding their own. LMX 645Kg €1700/€2.64Kg.  CHX 895Kg €2180/€2.44Kg.  AA 820Kg €1770/€2.16Kg. Sucklers made a hefty sum for quality supply on offer.  LMX C+C made €2220.  CHX C+C €1620.  LMX C+C €2100.

AGED HEIFERS  Lovely samples on limited availability. Best price of the day went to Headford farmer for CHX €1700 followed closely by Hollymount LMX €1540.  Others included LMX 385Kg €1290/€3.35Kg.  CHX 570Kg €1700/€2.98Kg.  AAX 455Kg €1150 / €2.53Kg.

WEANLINGS: Numbers here were small making from €740 up to €950.

Advising sellers to book ASAP and Whatsapp pics/info 0873339786. Buyers – Headford next weekend: we will be selling with gusto, with a tidy few booked in already.  And don’t forget Sunday: Corrandulla Show – Along with the Galway & Mayo lads in Croke Park. It’ll be a cracker of a weekend for sure!


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