• Date: 30/06/2022
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Castlerea (Co. Roscommon)
  • Address: Castlerea Livestock Co-operative Mart, Main St, Demesne, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
  • Webpage: Castlerea Mart

30/06/2022 - Castlerea Cattle Mart Report

Castlerea Mart Market Report re sale 30/06/22

400 cattle presented for sale on Thursday last with prices and trade similar to last week with a good attendance of buyers present resulting in a good clearance. The weanling rings noticed the strongest demand this week with the bulls hitting €3.45 a kilo while the heifer weanlings topped out at €3.73 a kilo. The dry cow trade remains strong with lots making up to €2540


BULLOCKS: BBx 490kgs €1630 Ch 410kgs €1400 AA 465kgs €1370 Ch 545kgs €1500 Lm 530kgs €1480 Lm 585kgs €1700 AA 590kgs €1690 BBx 625kgs €1740 Lm 660kgs €1870 AAx 635kgs €1600 Ch 600kgs €1650

HEIFERS: Lmx 415kgs €1290 BBx 365kgs €1260 Ch 420kgs €1240 Ch 380kgs €1210 Lm 410kgs €1120 Lm 485kgs €1440 Ch 465kgs €1400 Sim 430kgs €1300 Sim 590kgs €1800 Ch 640kgs €1800 Ch 615kgs €1680 Lm 555kgs €1630

DRY COWS: Ch 885kgs €2540 Lm 880kgs €2350 Lm 725kgs €2140 Sim 775kgs €2090 AAx 705kgs €1940 Lm 725kgs €1980 Lmx 440kgs €1040 Fr 460kgs €600

Cows with calves at foot made from €850 to €2600 for a Limousin cow and her Charolais heifer calf at foot.

Springers made from €1380 to €1500 per head.

CALVES/RUNNERS: Young calves made from €25 up to €560 for continental lots. Runners made from €480 up to €850 for continentals

WEANLING BULLS: BBx 375kgs €1280 Lm 415kgs €1280 Lm 330kgs €1140 Ch 375kgs €1000 Lmx 285kgs €750 Lm 340kgs €950

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lm 225kgs €840 Lm 285kgs €810 AA 265kgs €740 BBx 340kgs €1080 BBx 395kgs €1270 Ch 315kgs €1010 Lm 320kgs €1030 Ch 360kgs €1140

Sales continue at Castlerea Livestock Mart on Thursday next the 7th July with our weekly sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings.

All sales commence @ 11 AM

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