• Date: 26/05/2022
  • Type: Dairy, Sheep

  • Town: Carnew (Co. Wicklow)
  • Address: Carnew Mart, Lower Main Street, Carnew, Co. Wicklow.
  • Webpage: Carnew Mart

26/05/2022 - Carnew Sheep Mart Report

Thursday 26th May

Sheep Sale

1622 sheep on offer meeting a very lively trade throughout, with hoggets all but gone, Spring lambs and Cast ewes making up most of the sale.

Heavy cast ewes selling between €220 and €250 with lighter cast ewes selling from €150 to €215 Spring Lambs over 45kg €171 to €179
40 to 44kg €158 to €170
While store spring lambs sold from €108 to €140 Ewe Hoggets over 50kg sold from €160 to €180 and nice ewe Hoggets €180 to €205

Ring 2
Smaller entry with 50 lots on offer
of Ewes with lambs at foot
Young ewes with 1 / 1 1/2 lambs at foot sold from €220 to €300 Aged ewes with singles sold to €185 Ages ewes with doubles sold to €290

Dairy Sale
40 head on offer
Young freshly calves cows sold from €1600 to €2220, while aged cows calved calved a couple of months sold between €1450 to €1900 Spring Cows €1100 to €1500 FR heifer calves €200-€300

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