• Date: 15/03/2022
  • Type: Dairy

  • Town: Carnew (Co. Wicklow)
  • Address: Carnew Mart, Lower Main Street, Carnew, Co. Wicklow.
  • Webpage: Carnew Mart

15/03/2022 - Carnew Dairy Mart Report

Tuesday 15th March


Clearance Sale of Dairy Cows for Mr David Hemmingway, Rosslare


Renowned herd of top quality cows AI Bred for generations with a herd average of 6850L at 4.29B/F, 3.61 Protein. Meet with an exceptional strong trade all round with some top classes price for both heifers and aged cows. The cows were presented very well on the day and all buyers were very pleases.



2015 born cows with an EBI 121 calved 1 week by DGC sold for €2140

2017 born cow with an EBI 126 calved 1 week by PHC sold for €2020

Heifer with an EBI 178 calved the end of January by Sire 4132 sold for €2000

2018 born cow with an EBI 140 calved middle of February by Sire FR2249 sold for €2200


A production sale of top quality heifers for Mr Seamus Sweeney with a herd average of 6994kg at 563kgms sold between €1600 and €2000 with most heifers selling between €1800and €2000, all heifers were AI Bred with EBI ranging from 170 to 210


Our next Dairy Sale takes place next Tuesday 22nd March at 12.00 Noon.

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