• Date: 26/03/2022
  • Type: Calves, Cattle

  • Town: Carnew (Co. Wicklow)
  • Address: Carnew Mart, Lower Main Street, Carnew, Co. Wicklow.
  • Webpage: Carnew Mart

26/03/2022 - Carnew Cattle Mart Report

Weekend sale of Saturday the 26/3/22
A lot bigger sale all around. 1286 cattle on offer Saturday followed by 550 calves while there was 410 cows on Friday night.
Cows again were a very strong trade topping at €2320 for 880kg Six. While all stock remained a very lively trade the beef cows have moved onto to get dearer.
While the store cows are a very lively trade with men heading to grass. Saturdays sale say a very big entry in all classes with strong cattle again moving up a gear on previous weeks. With a 766kg Lm bullock making €2340 while a 734kg Ch sold for €2200 and a 600kg BBX heifer sold for €1840. Store cattle were also on fire with grass appearing men are more anxious to buy. 548kg AU heifer sold for €1700 while a 370kg Ch sold for €1150. Store bullocks saw 476kg sold for €1480. Bulls were in strong supply with with many making €3/kg.
Cow prices
880kg Si €2320
842kg Lm €2110
736kg Lm €1790
786kg Ch €1910
690kg Six €1770
810kg Fr €1660
720kg Fr €1470
516kg Fr €1000
604kg BBX €1840
590kg Ch €1670
613kg Ch €1780
644kg Ch €1660
548kg Au €1700
438kg Ch €1230
490kg Ch €1440
633kg Fr €1300
480kg AA €1330
370kg Ch €1150
766kg Lm €2340
734kg Lm €2200
722kg AA €1940
632kg Lmx €1960
560kg Ch €1740
597kg AA €1660
364kg Ch €1040
432kg six €1160
277kg six €820

608kg lm €1800
590kg Lm €1830
616kg Lm €1920
450kg Ch €1240
410kg Ch €1300
396kg Lm €1270
Calves were a much tougher trade throughout.

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