• Date: 20/03/2022
  • Type: Calves, Cattle

  • Town: Carnew (Co. Wicklow)
  • Address: Carnew Mart, Lower Main Street, Carnew, Co. Wicklow.
  • Webpage: Carnew Mart

20/03/2022 - Carnew Cattle Mart Report

Cattle sale report for weekend 20/3/22

Smaller sale due to the bank holiday weekend.
315 cows available Friday night including 40 sucklers
862 head of cattle on Saturday and 605 calves.
Trade is still on fire throughout with more grass customers starting to appear for the store cattle but the forward store cattle still setting the trade
3 Ch bullocks 720kg selling for €2220 while sucklers peaked at €2500 for a nice Shorthorn cow with a heifer calf at foot.

774kg BB €1930
786kg Ch €1820
748kg Ch €1730
650kg lm €1600
762kg Fr €1450
598kg Fr €1160

Sucklers sold from €1600 to €2500 for cows and calves with most selling between €1850 and €2100 while springing cows sold between €1200 and €1600.

552kg Lm €1580
558kg Lm €1540
498kg lm €1260
408kg Ch €1070

720kg Ch €2220
636kg Lm €1940
710kg Lm €1900
590kg SA €1800
522kg AA €1260
402kg Six€1100
450kg Fr €970

Continental bulls sold between €335 -€490
Heifers sold between €220 -€330
HE and AA
Bulls €160-€300
Heifers €120-€260
Quality farmer type Fr calves
Sold from €120 to €200
While quality shipping calves sold from €60 to €100
While the lighter softer calf is still proving very hard to sell.

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