The Future is 90% Less Herbicide usage

15/09/2017 Crops
The Future is 90% Less Herbicide usage

John Deere Buy into Artificial Intelligent Crop Spraying.

John Deeres purchase of Blue River Technologies - focusses on delivering a much lower cost and efficient delivery of week spraying on crops - where the spray is focussed only on the weeks. Blue Rivers cutting-edge machine vision tools help farmers scan fields, assess crops, and get rid of weeds — all at the same time.

If farmers are using 90% less weedkiller to achieve the same result, it looks like a win for the crops, for the soil, for the consumer as well as the farmer.

Using AI ( Artificial Intelligence) the sprayer can identify crops and weeds and target specific weeds - it learns and reports back to the farmer on the level of weeds, types of weeds. etc

The Farming Community is as always making the most of the latest technologies to deliver a more cost effective product in a manner that will please the consumer. View video above for more info.

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