Live Streaming Service for Livestock Marts

Not every farmer can make it to every mart you hold, but many of those would like to catch up on how the mart went.

Add real value to your supporting Farming Community by adding Live Mart Streaming by

We make it really easy for you to turn on and off Live Streaming as you like – and allow you stream from one or all rings at the same time.

We will install a complete system in one day and allow you to stream any Mart Sale

In additition we offer the following options:

  • Live playback during the live stream – Yes! Anyone can rewind the video while the Live Mart Streaming is still on.
  • Full video recording of your Mart, backed up on your premises.
  • Playback of your Live Mart for up to 7 days after mart is over.
  • An exclusive Web Page to feature your Live Mart Streams, Mart Reports and to promote forthcoming marts and other events.
  • Do you have your own website for your marts? We can also make the Live Stream appear on your website.
  • Stats reports on viewers and visitors to your webpage.

We are the leading providers of Live Mart Streaming Services in Ireland, with a proven track record in delivering a cost effective service.

Talk to us calling +353 (0)44 9345145 or send us an email at and make sure that those who can't make it to your mart today are always up to date with prices and can always view particular lots to check the quality.

Help your farmers make decisions in getting their animals ready for sale at your Mart!
Quality Digital solutions for the Irish Farming Community

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