• Date: 23/07/2018
  • Type: Sheep

  • Town: Tullow (Co. Carlow)
  • Address: Tullow Livestock Sales Ltd. Barrack Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
  • Webpage: Tullow Mart

23/07/2018 - Tullow Sheep Mart Report

The Tullow Sheep Breeders Association held their Annual Pairs night on Monday last the 23rd July 2018.


The evening was a tremendous success with over 22 pairs of ewe lambs presented for showing and over 20 pairs of Suffolk X hogget Ewes presented for showing also with the Cheviot classes also strongly supported.


The evening showcases all that is good and exceptional about the Suffolk Cheviot X breeding with the Suffolk ram and the Wicklow Cheviot being the maternal strengths to the breed.


The Sheep Breeders Committee noted that they were preparing for their 31st Annual Show & Sale in Tullow and this was a tremendous success to any breed society to be building and showcasing thirty one years of sheep production in the South East of Ireland.


A warm word of congratulations to all our prize winners.



Best Pair of Suffolk Cheviot x Ewe Lambs:                                             

1st Laurence Murphy                                                    

2nd David & Dylan Leybourne                                   

3rd Peter Behan                                                              

4th Sean Ryan                                                                  



Best Pair of Suffolk Cheviot x Hoggett Ewes:                                        

1st Ben Fenton                                                                

2nd David & Dylan Leybourne                                   

3rd David & Dylan Leybourne                                    

4th John Driver                                                                



Best Pair of Cheviot Ewe Lambs:                               

1st John Driver                                                                 

2nd Charles Fenton                                                        

3rd Laurence Murphy                                                   





Best Pair of Cheviot Hoggett Ewes:                                          

1st Peter Behan                                                               

2nd David & Dylan Leybourne                                   

3rd John Driver                                                                





Also a huge word of thanks to all our sponsors who have supported us down through the years and continuing to do so in the coming year.


The Chairman Mr. John Nolan thanked all the exhibitors for bringing sheep on the evening to the show and also reminded the people that entries were now open for the 31st Show & Sale which will be held on Wednesday 8th August in Tullow Mart and also that the 2nd Show & Sale for the year will be held on Wednesday 29th August with the 3rd Sale will be held on Wednesday 12th September and this will also encompass the Cheviot Show & Sale on that day.


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