• Date: 15/05/2018
  • Type: Sheep

  • Town: Tullow (Co. Carlow)
  • Address: Tullow Livestock Sales Ltd Barrack Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
  • Webpage: Tullow Mart

15/05/2018 - Tullow Sheep Mart Report

Tullow mart report Tuesday 15th May 2018


Another large sale in Tullow today with over 1200 sheep on offer and the trade remaining steady for all classes.


Lambs over 44kg selling to a very lively trade anything from €100 up to €105 with the kg one pen being 47kg making €152 with a very active trade from the butcher demand.  Lambs over 40kg selling in the region from €95 up to a tops of €101 with the kg today and they being 43kg at €144 with the majority of those 40kg to 42kg selling from €136 up to €140. Lighter lambs selling from a base of €110 and they being 37kg.


In the hogget ring the numbers starting to dry up but the fleshed hgts over 50kg selling in the region today from €145 up to €152 with some lighter hgts 42kg selling from a base of €110 upwards with the majority of those hgts between €115 and €130.


Feeding type cast ewes from €15 to €20 with the kg with the younger feeding ewes up to €30 with the kg while the heavy ewes up to a tops of €148.


Ewes with lambs at foot selling from €150 for aged ewes with singles up to a tops today of €257 for younger ewes with twins while we saw  the special entry of in lamb ewes averaging €155.


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