• Date: 15/09/2018
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Tullow (Co. Carlow)
  • Address: Tullow Livestock Sales Ltd. Barrack Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
  • Webpage: Tullow Mart

15/09/2018 - Tullow Cattle Mart Report

A very lively trade today in Tullow for the annual male weanling Show & Sale with both export and farmer demand very much alive around the ring.

The trade today could only say that it instilled confidence in the suckle calf weanling trade for the back end of the year with prices resembling something similar to last years trade.

The good shipping type calves those E and U grade calves sold from €2.90 up to €3.60 per kg with the first prizewinning bull  BB 480kg making €1595 and the prizewinning pairs 455kg making €1270.

The good LM and CH calves over 400kg sold anything from €900 up to a tops of €1240 with a lot of those calves selling between €950 and €1100 with a very lively demand trade from both feeders and exporters for these quality type calves while we saw the lighter calves continuing to meet a good steady base for those well bred calves with some of the plainer black types selling from €2 per kg with the good well bred LM and CH pushing out to €3 with one LM calf 335kg making €920.

Many of the buyers commented on the exceptional quality yard of cattle that was on offer and with this in mind we look forward to the female show and sale next Saturday 22nd September and entries are now invited and all exporters mentioned that they are very much in demand looking for those double muscle BB type heifers and we encourage anyone that has any to bring them out to the sale next Saturday and to be entered on or before Thursday 20th September.

On behalf of Tullow Livestock Sales we would like to send a huge word of thanks to all of those who showed their cattle with us today and we look forward to the weanling sales running for the remaining Saturday’s up until and including 1st December this year.

Congratulation to the following prize winners ……………..


1st James Kavanagh, Knocklonagad, Garryhill, Co. Carlow.
2nd James Kavanagh, Knocklonagad, Garryhill, Co. Carlow.


1st Edward Butler, Ardristan, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
2nd James Kavanagh, Knocklonagad, Garryhill, Co. Carlow.
3rd James Kavanagh, Knocklonagad, Garryhill, Co. Carlow.


Michael & S Farrell, Englishtown, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow.

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