• Date: 13/03/2020
  • Type: Calves, Cattle

  • Town: Tullow (Co. Carlow)
  • Address: Tullow Livestock Sales Ltd. Barrack Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
  • Webpage: Tullow Mart

13/03/2020 - Tullow Cattle Mart Report

Tullow mart report Friday 13th March 2020.


A very large sale today in Tullow with over 700 head on offer including calves. However with the trade remaining optimistic for all classes especially with the store cattle continuing to set the bar.


The beef and forward bks sold €1.70 for the FR types up to €2.10 per kg for the heavier type bks with some of those 500kg stores meeting a very lively trade and selling up to €1350 per head. The lighter store bks equally brisk trade and they sold in the region of €1.80 per kg for the HE and AA up to €2.05 for those type depending on quality and age with the continental bks selling from €2 upwards of €2.50 with the majority from €2.20 to €2.50 per kg while some exceptional lots pushing up close on €3. Lots of custom around the ring for those forward beef type hfrs and they sold from €1.95 for the HE and AA up to €2.20 for the majority with some exceptional hfrs those forward weights north of 500kg again touching up on €1350 to €1400 mark. The lighter store hfrs brisk trade HE and AA sold from €1.85 up to €2.05 depending on age and quality with the continental hfrs anything from €2 with the majority selling from €2.15 to €2.45 per kg with some exceptional lots pushing up close to €2.80.


No change for the cows the FR out of the parlour from €100 with the kg up to €300 with the kg with the continental cows selling from €200 for the store type cow with the kg up to a tops of €700 with the kg today for the heavier type cow.

In the calf ring they improved possibly by €5 to €10 for those shipping calves the lighter FR sold from €15 up to €40 with the stronger FR shipping calves from €40 up to €85 while we saw some very strong FR bulls breaking €100. HE and AA hfrs lighter types from €100 up to €250 with HE and AA bulls selling from €160 up to €280 and a very lively trade for those well fleshed well fed HE and AA bulls while the continental bulls sold up to a tops of €380. A full clearance.


As we are all aware we are going through a difficult time for the public health with the Covid 19 Virus and here in Tullow mart today we took a very proactive approach to this with both hand sanatisation and sanatisers made available for customer use and also implementations and adaption of the mart office with the erection of a protective screen for customers and staff. We are in changing times and we remind everyone to be careful and to adhere to the guidelines as given by the HSE. We are glad to report that we managed at all times to have no more than 90 (mart policy) people in the mart ring and we would like to compliment many who didn’t attend the sale today who would be regular customers for the social aspect of the mart. Their non attendance today left it manageable for people who wished to carry out business ringside in turn keeping everyone safe on the premises.

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