• Date: 06/03/2020
  • Type: Calves, Cattle

  • Town: Tullow (Co. Carlow)
  • Address: Tullow Livestock Sales Ltd. Barrack Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
  • Webpage: Tullow Mart

06/03/2020 - Tullow Cattle Mart Report

Tullow mart report Friday 6th March 2020


Another large sale today in Tullow with over 300 cattle on offer and 200 calves. The cattle trade was hardening a little bit towards market concerns I would however suggest a good lively trade for the lighter stores. The heavier beef cattle today those FR and AA types sold from €1.85 upwards with the good continental bks out to a tops of €2.15 and even some making €2.20 per kg. Very lively trade for the lighter store bks for those quality bks anything from 300kg to 420kg and they sold from €2.40 upwards to €3 per kg one specific lot 9 red LM made 274kg made €800 also 3 red LM bulls 337kg made €885. The beef and forward type hfrs sold from €1.85 for the HE and AA upwards to €2.15 per kg for the beef continentals with the store hfrs equally a lively trade and they sold in the region from €1.90 for the HE and AA upwards with the majority €2.70 for the continental type hfrs with the majority of those LM, CH SI types hfrs selling from €2.20 to €2.50 per kg


The cull cows met a good hones trade throughout and they sold from FR cows from €150 with the kg fresh out of the parlour upwards to €800 with the kg for the heavier type cows and we also saw a good lively trade for the calves improved possibly by €10 to €15 per head for the FR shipping calves and they sold from €25 up to €60 per head with the HE and AA hfrs selling from €80 for the lighter calves up to €200 for the three week old HE with HE and AA bulls anything from €120 up to €300. 1 HE bull coming up on 24 days of age made €295. We also had a couple of continental bulls and they sold out to a tops of €350.

A large sale but overall but the trade recognising the situation that we are currently meeting with the coronavirus.


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