• Date: 05/02/2019
  • Type: Sheep

  • Town: Tuam (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Tuam Mart Church View, Corralea West, Tuam, Co. Galway
  • Webpage: Tuam Mart

05/02/2019 - Tuam Sheep Mart Report

On Tuesday Lambs up to €83.50 with the weight. Old Ewes made up to €120 each. In-Lamb Ewes made up to €150. Lambs: 51.5kg, €135, €2.62 p/kg. 53Kg, €132, €2.49 p/kg. 58Kg, €133, €2.29 p/kg. Tuesday 12th February Show and Sale of Factory and Butcher Hoggets. Starting 5 p.m. Sheep will be scanned in the Mart Yard from the 12th February 5 p.m.

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