• Date: 03/04/2021
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Markethill (Co. Armagh)
  • Address: Markethill Livestock & Farm Sales 12 Cladymilltown Road, Markethill County Armagh
  • Webpage: Markethill Mart

03/04/2021 - Markethill Cattle Mart Report


An entry of 800 cattle in Markethill on Saturday 3 rd April included the largest ever entry of weanlings with just over
400 on offer.
The 200 heifers included several pens of top quality heavy heifers. The top pen of heavy heifers from a Downpatrick
farmer averaged 694k at £1635 each, £235 per 100k. Top price for a beef heifer was £1725 for 730k £236 per 100k
from a Downpatrick producer.
Good quality beef heifers sold to a top of £246 per 100k for 680k at £1675, followed by £240 per 100k for a Ch
heifer 670k at £1615, both from a Downpatrick farmer.
Main demand for beef heifers from £215 to £235 per 100k. Forward feeding heifers sold to £257 per 100k for 620k
at £1595 for a Kilkeel farmer, followed by £246 per 100k for 526k at £1295 from a Kilkeel producer.
Good quality midweight heifers sold from £220 to £269 per 100k for 474k at £1275 from a Killeavy farmer, followed
by £247 per 100k for a 460k at £1145 from a Hamiltonsbawn producer.
The 170 bullocks maintained a very strong trade for all classes. Good quality forward bullocks sold from £210 to
£260 per 100k for 502k at £1305 from a Belleek producer, followed by £247 per 100k for 516k at £1275 from an
Armagh producer.
Beef bullocks sold to £225 per 100k for 690k at £1555 from a Kilcoo farmer, followed by £219 per 100k for 660k at
£1455 from a Hamiltonsbawn farmer.
Good quality midweight bullocks sold to a top of £292 per 100k for 386k Ch at £1125 from a Cullyhanna farmer,
followed by £270 per 100k for 446k Lim at £1205 from a Portadown producer. Main demand for midweights from
£215 to £255 per 100k.
The largest ever entry of weanlings sold in a very firm demand from start to finish with good quality light males
selling from £240 to £312 per 100k with 234k at £730 from a Portadown farmer, followed by £299 per 100k for a
234k Ch at £700 from a Kilkeel producer. Stronger male weanlings sold from £210 to £274 per 100k for 416k at
£1140 for a Newtownhamilton farmer, followed by £251 per 100k for 438k at £1100 for a Newtownhamilton
Good quality heifer weanlings sold from £240 to £299 per 100k with a top of £388 per 100k for an outstanding 402k
heifer at £1560 from a Killeavy producer, followed by £299 per 100k for 354k at £1060 from a Keady farmer.
In the suckler ring outfits sold to a top of £2300 for a Char cow and a Lim calf, followed by £1760 for an AA cow and a
Lim bull calf. A Keady producer received £1500 for a Sim with a Lim heifer calf at foot. Several more outfits from
£1050 to £1380 each.
Downpatrick producer 672k £1615 240p/k: Kilkeel producer 658k £1575 239p/k: Downpatrick producer 688k £1645
239p/k: 654k £1555 238p/k: 732k £1725 236p/k: 696k £1635 235p/k: 708k £1645 232p/k: Downpatrick producer
714K £1645 230p/k: Downpatrick producer 738k £1695 £230p/k:
Kilkeel producer 620k £1595 257p/k: Kilkeel producer 526k £1295 246p/k: Ballymartin producer 604k £1485 246p/k:
Armagh producer 590k £1435 243p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 516k £1245 241p/k: Cullyhanna producer 604k
£1425 236p/k: Downpatrick producer 610k £1435 235p/k: Armagh producer 594k £1375 232p/k:
Killeavy producer 474k £1275 269p/k: Hamiltonsbawn producer 464k £1145 247p/k: Poyntzpass producer 464k
£1145 247p/k: Rostrevor producer 372k £945 254p/k: Tynan producer 376k £935 247p/k: Keady producer 410k £975
238p/k: Rostrevor producer 420k £995 237p/k: Kilcoo producer 488k £1155 237p/k:

Kilcoo producer 690k £1555 225p/k: Hamiltonsbawn producer 666k £1455 219p/k: 660k £1425 216p/k: Richhill
producer 642k £1375 214p/k:
Belleeks producer 502k £1305 260p/k: Armagh producer 516k £1275 247p/k: Richhill producer 546k £1335 245p/k:
Belleeks producer 554k £1315 237p/k: Armaghbreague producer 580k £1375 237p/k: Kilkeel producer 544k £1285
236p/k: Hamiltonsbawn producer 534k £1255 235p/k: Armaghbreague producer 572k £1335 233p/k:
Cullyhanna producer 386k £1125 292p/k: Portadown producer 446k £1205 270p/k: 464k £1225 264p/k: 474k £1235
261p/k: Armagh producer 482k £1245 258p/k: Keady producer 402k £1025 255p/k: Lisburn producer 394k £1005
255p/k: Portadown producer 486k £1235 254p/k: Armagh producer 448k £1135 253p/k: Newtownhamilton
producer 482k £1205 250p/k:
Portadown producer 234k £730 312p/k: Kilkeel producer 234k £700 299p/k: Armagh producer 290k £830 286p/k:
Newry producer 288k £815 283p/k: Dungannon producer 288k £800 278p/k: Armagh producer 296k £820 277p/k:
314k £870 277p/k: Portadown producer 328k £900 274p/k: Dungannon producer 340k £930 274p/k:
Newtownhamilton producer 416k £1140 274p/k: 438k £1100 251p/k: Dungannon producer 404k £1000 248p/k:
Castlewellan producer 424k £1020 241p/k: Tassagh producer 458k £1100 240p/k: Lisburn producer 410k £950
232p/k: Cullyhanna producer 450k £1040 231p/k:
Killeavy producer 402k £1560 388p/k: Keady producer 354k £1060 299p/k: Armagh producer 360k £1060 294p/k:
Armagh producer 382k £1100 288p/k: Hilltown producer 305k £840 275p/k: Dungannon producer 308k £840
275p/k: Hilltown producer 308k £840 273p/k: Armagh producer 334k £900 269p/k: Kilkeel producer 380k £1020

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