• Date: 12/09/2020
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Markethill (Co. Armagh)
  • Address: Markethill Livestock & Farm Sales 12 Cladymilltown Road, Markethill County Armagh
  • Webpage: Markethill Mart

12/09/2020 - Markethill Cattle Mart Report


An entry of 950 cattle at Markethill on Saturday 12 th September returned another very firm trade for all classes of
280 heifers maintained a very strong trade with beef heifers selling to £232 per 100k for 650k at £1515 for a
Crossgar farmer. The same owner received £231 per 100k for 670k for £1555. Top price heifer sold at £1615 for
728k, £222 per 100k, followed by £1605 for 748k, £215 per 100k for a Cullyhanna farmer.
All good quality beef heifers sold from £200 to £231 per 100k. Forward feeding heifers sold from £200 to £234 per
100k for 510k Lim at £1195 for a Ballynahinch farmer, followed by £228 per 100k for 560k at £1275 for a
Waringstown producer.
Good quality midweight heifers sold steadily from £200 to £247 per 100k for 460k at £1135 from a Ballynahinch
farmer. The same farmer received £236 per 100k for 448k at £1055.
Second quality heifers sold from £180 to £195 per 100k.
The 270 bullocks sold in an exceptionally strong demand with beef bullocks to £230 per 100k for 680k at £1565 from
a Caledon producer. The same owner received £224 per 100k for 740k at £1665. All good quality beef bullocks sold
from £200 to £221 per 100k. Feeding bullocks sold to £223 per 100k for 540k at £1205 for a Newry farmer. Main
demand from £200 to £220 per 100k.
Good quality midweight bullocks sold from £200 to £244 per 100k for 400k at £995 from an Annaghmore farmer.
The same owner received £236 per 100k for 440k at £1045. Angus bullocks sold for £227 per 100k for an
Annaghmore farmer for 390k at £885.
Good quality Friesian bullocks from £150 to £175 for 516k at £905.
A large entry of 280 weanlings maintained the recent trade with good quality lightweight males from £240 to £316
per 100k for 266k BB at £840 from a Cullyhanna farmer, followed by £282 per 100k for 270k at £760 from a
Tandragee producer. Several light males sold up to £950 for 380k, £245 per 100k from a Glenavy producer. Stronger
males sold from £200 to £239 per 100k for 426k at £1020 from a Markethill farmer.
Good quality heifer weanlings sold from £220 to £263 per 100k for 260k Lim at £690 from a Portadown farmer,
followed by £257 per 100k for 276k at £710 from a Newtownhamilton farmer. Top price for a heifer weanling was
£950 for 380k, £246 per 100k for a Tandragee farmer.
One of the biggest ever entries of suckler cows sold in a very strong demand to a top price of £2850 for a Lim and a
heifer calf from an Augher farmer. An Armagh producer sold a BB cow and Lim bull calf at £2350 and a BB cow and a
heifer calf at £2200. Several more outfits sold from £1400 to £1940 each.
Crossgar producer 654k £1515 232p/k: 674k £1555 231p/k: 622k £1435 231p/k: 672k £1535 228p/k: 674k £1535
228p/k: 652k £1475 226p/k: 700k £1575 225p/k: Silverbridge producer 634k £1425 225p/k: Jonesborough producer
654k £1465 224p/k: Crossgar producer 728k £1615 222p/k:
Ballynahinch producer 510k £1195 234p/k: Waringstown producer 560k £1275: Ballynahinch producer 524k £1185
226p/k: Dromore producer 562k £1265 225p/k: Ballynahinch producer 532k £1185 223p/k: Dromore producer 564k
£1205 214p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 536k £1145 214p/k: Dungannon producer 598k £1275 213p/k:
Ballynahinch producer 460k £1135 247p/k: 448k £1055 236p/k: 462k £1075 233p/k: Newtownhamilton producer
480k £1105 230p/k: Dungannon producer 476k £1085 228p/k: 490k £1095 223p/k: Lisburn producer 458k £995
217p/k: Ballynahinch producer 492k £1065 216p/k:

Caledon producer 680k £1565 230p/k: 742k £1665 224p/k: 720k £1590 221p/k: 740k £1595 216p/k: Tandragee
producer 724k £1555 215p/k: Portadown producer 690 £1475 214p/k:
Newry producer 540k £1205 223p/k: Dromara producer 586k £1305 223p/k: Ballinderry producer 576k £1265
220p/k: Derrynoose producer 522k £1145 219p/k: Armagh producer 518k £1135 219p/k: Markethill producer 536k
£1165 217p/k: Whitecross producer 550k £1185 215p/k: Keady producer 604k £1295 214p/k:
Annaghmore producer 408k £995 244p/k: 400k £955 239p/k: 442k £1045 236p/k: Keady producer 424k £995
235p/k: 422k £985 233p/k: Kilkeel producer 494k £1135 230p/k: 434k £985 227p/k: Annaghmore producer 390k
£885 227p/k:
Newry producer 516k £905 175p/k: Loughgilly producer 502k £855 170p/k: Keady producer 546k £895 164p/k: 524k
£855 163p/k: Newry producer 530k £835 158p/k: Keady producer 520k £815 157p/k: 522l £815 156p/k:
Cullyhanna producer 266k £840 316p/k: Tandragee producer 270k £760 282p/k: Cullyhanna producer 282k £790
280p/k: Tandragee producer 250k £690 276p/k: Armagh producer 314k £840 268p/k: Cullyhanna producer 318k
£850 267p/k: Tandragee producer 312k £810 259p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 304k £710 253p/k:
Markehill producer 426k £1020 239p/k: 474k £1070 226p/k: 448k £970 217p/k: Keady producer 415k £880 212p/k:
402k £850 211p/k: Castlewellan producer 450k £950 211p/k: 404k £850 210p/k:
Portadown producer 262k £690 263p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 276k £710 257p/k: Hillsborough producer 340k
£870 256p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 314k £800 255p/k: Tandragee producer 386k £950 246p/k: Castlewellan
producer 366k £900 246p/k: Tandragee producer 346k £850 246p/k: Hillsborough producer 304k £745 245p/k:

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