• Date: 07/09/2019
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Markethill (Co. Armagh)
  • Address: Markethill Livestock & Farm Sales 12 Cladymilltown Road, Markethill County Armagh
  • Webpage: Markethill Mart

07/09/2019 - Markethill Cattle Mart Report

Markethill Livestock Cattle Report: Saturday 07/09/19

A very large entry of 875 cattle in Markethill on Saturday 7th September sold in a slightly easier trade for plainer type cattle, although good quality stock returned a steady demand. The 330 bullocks sold readily with good quality heavy bullocks selling from £180 to £204 per 100kg for 640kg LIM at £1315 from a Tandragee farmer followed by £203 per 100kg for a 530kg CH at £1085 from a Portadown farmer. Top price £1565 was paid for 830kg LIM from a Katesbridge farmer (188). Several bullocks sold from £1250 to £1485 each. Good quality mid-weight steers sold from £185-£216 per 100kg for a 470kg CH at £1025 from a Portadown farmer, followed by £214 per 100kg for a 430kg LIM at £925 from a Annaghmore producer. Angus bullocks sold up to £199 per 100kg from 436kg at £865 from a Portadown farmer. Good quality Friesian bullocks sold from £130-£148 per 100kg.

A large entry of 300 store heifers sold readily with good quality heavy heifers from £180-£199 per 100kg paid for a 610kg LIM at £1215 from a Dromara farmer, followed by £196 per 100kg for a 590kg CH at £1155 from a Pomeroy producer. Good quality mid-weight heifers sold from £185-£209 per 100kg for a 480kg CH at £1015 from a Newtownhamilton farmer, followed by £208 per 100kg for a 460kg at £955 from a Newtownhamilton farmer.  Second quality heifers sold £160 - £175 per 100kgs.

160 weanlings returned a steady demand for good quality lots.  Light male weanlings sold steadily from £200-£269 per 100kgs for 234k Sim at £630 for a Tynan farmer followed by £242 per 100kgs for 314k CH at £760 for a Newtownhamilton farmer and a Portadown farmer received £236 per 100kgs for a 352k CH at £830.  Stronger lots sold up from £180- £215 per 100kgs for a 410k CH at £880.  Good quality heifer weanlings sold from £190-£237 per 100kgs for a 316k CH at £750 for a Loughbrickland producer followed by £216 per 100kgs for a 340k CH at £735 for a Newtownhamilton farmer.

A large entry of over 100 lots of sucklers sold in a very firm demand with good quality outfits selling to £1780, paid twice , £1750, £1700 with several more outfits selling from £1300 to £1650 each. 



Dromara farmer 610k £1215 199p/k: Pomeroy farmer 590k £1155 196p/k: 604k £1175 195p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 586k £1115 190p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 576k £1085 188p/k: Loughbrickland farmer 630k £1185 188p/k: Katesbridge farmer 588k £1105 188p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 616k £1155 188p/k:



Newtownhamilton farmer 486k £1015 209p/k:  460k £855 208p/k:  Keady farmer 422k £845 200p/k: 410k £805 196p/k: Camlough farmer 398k £795 200p/k: Belleeks farmer 474k £905 191p/k: Poyntzpass farmer 408k £775 190p/k: Armagh producer 444k £830 187p/k:



Tandragee farmer 644k £1315 204p/k: Portadown farmer 534k £1085 203p/k: Tandragee farmer 626k £1255 201p/k: 656k £1285 196p/k: Cullyhanna farmer 772k £1505 195p/k: Downpatrick farmer 572k £1115 195p/k: Ballyward farmer 532k £1035 195p/k: Portadown farmer 594k £1155 194p/k:


Portadown farmer 474k £1025 216p/k: Annaghamore farmer 432k £925 214p/k: Portadown farmer 436k £925 212p/k: 454k £925 204p/k: 486k £985 203p/k;  436k £865 199p/k: Annaghmore farmer 480k £945 197p/k: Banbridge farmer 466k £915 196p/k: Annaghmore farmer 492k £945 192p/k:



Tynan farmer 234k £630 269p/k: Hillsborough farmer 248k £620 250p/k:  254k £610 240p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 314k £760 242p/k: Richhill farmer 328k £780 238p/k: 352k £830 236p/k: Hillsborough farmer 328k £695 212p/k:



Richhill farmer 410k £880 215p/k: Lisnadill farmer 432k £880 204p/k: Markethill farmer 428k £865 202p/k: Lisnadill farmer 476k £940 197p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 426k £835 196p/k: Portadown farmer 422k £810 192p/k: Draperstown producer 418k £800 191p/k:



Loughbrickland farmer 316k £750 237p/k: Newtownhamilton farmer 340k £735 216p/k: Keady farmer 348k £750 216p/k: 356k £760 213p/k: Castleblaney farmer 342k £730 213p/k: Whitecross farmer 348k £730 209p/k: Madden farmer 366k £765 209p/k:  Rathfriland farmer 374k £780 209p/k:

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