Maam Cross
  • Date: 14/04/2018
  • Type: Cattle, Sheep, Weanling

  • Town: Maam (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Maam Cross Cattle Mart, Burkes Livestock Mart, Maam Cross, Maam, Co.Galway
  • Webpage: Maam Cross Mart

14/04/2018 - Maam Cross Cattle and Sheep Mart Report

The yard was full this week in Maam Cross with cattle numbers shooting up. With great demand for stock, dry cows it €1,350, bull weanlings €3.44/kg. Sheep numbers were up this week with prices to match. With genuine blackface and crossbred stock on display, hoggets hit €147 and dry ewes hit €135. We would like to encourage our sellers to book in their stock so that we can inform buyers of numbers. Our office is open Tuesday 10am-4pm and Thursday 4pm-7pm. Sheep and Cattle sold every Saturday with sheep first at 11am and cattle after. Our next pony sale is May 4th with limited lots. Please contact the office on (091) 552 254 or 087 77 14 555 or email



        Cows (dry); averaged €1.56/kg to €1.89/kg to a max of €1,350 for a HE cow, never registered a calf

                  (with calf); averaged €1.92/kg to €2.11/kg to max of €1,265 for a 12 year old LM cow with LM bull calf 1 month, at foot.

        Heifers ; averaged €2.46/kg to € 3.07/kg to a max of €1,340 for a 570kg AA heifer, 2 years

        Bullocks; averaged €2.42/kg to €3.09/kg to a max of €1,245 for a 585kg CH bullock, 3 years.

        Bull Weanling's; averaged €2.58/kg to €3.43/kg with a max price of €1,120 for a 470kg BB, 11 months old.



        Lambs, blackface and cross breds;  averaged €73 a max price of €88/head for 11 blackface wether lambs

        Hoggets;  averaged €86 to a max price of €147 for ram hoggets, blackface

        Ewes (lambs at foot); averaged €89 to a max €150 for 2 blackface ewe with 4 ewe lambs at foot

                  (dry); averaged €82 to €135/head for 14 sheviot cross ewe hoggets

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