• Date: 21/12/2020
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Dairy, Weanling

  • Town: Kilmallock (Co. Limerick)
  • Address: Kilmallock Cattle Mart, Railway Road, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick
  • Webpage: Kilmallock Mart

21/12/2020 - Kilmallock Cattle Mart Report


Last Monday saw a good Strong trade for the small
number on offer. As is tradition for the last sale of the
year. A bullock was donated by GVM. This year’s
beneficiaries were Kilmallock Social Services and the
Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. The bullocks weighing
500kgs was sold to Greg Hanlon Nurney Co Carlow for
€1100. Bullock Sale for up to €1150 each or €2.30 per
kg. Dry cows made up to €990 each or €1.42 per kg.
Heifers hit €870 each or €2.43 per kg. Weanlings made
up to €830 a head. Dairy stock sold for up to €1280. Up
to €700 was paid in the calf Ring. In calf Sucklers sold
for up to €1280.

The Management and Staff of GVM Kilmallock wish all
Our Customers a Very Happy Christmas and a Safe and
Healthy 2021.

The First sale of The New Year is on Monday 11 th of
January When Males and Females will be sold.

Level 3 restrictions are now in place for Marts.  This will
mean the following;

? All sellers must enter animals in advance of the
sale.  On the day of the sale, they must drop their
animals and leave the mart premises. 
? All potential buyers must contact the mart to
arrange and get approval to view livestock before
the sale.  Numbers will be strictly limited and 2
? metre distancing has to be maintained at all times. 
? Buyer have to ring the mart to book slot for ring as
places are limited.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. 
We do ask, however, all of our customers to understand
that it is in everyone’s interest to respect and abide by
these new restrictions.


Calves and runners are now sold on
Mondays at 11am.

Again, a reminder all stock must be booked
in and all Buyers must be Registered to
attend the Ring.
For the coming week Sales days are as follows
Mondays (Bullocks & Weanling Bulls & Calves).
Tuesday night’s 6 Pm Start From 29 th September
Until late November (Weanlings, Runners Suckler
cows). Wednesday’s (Dry cows, Sucklers, Dairy
Stock & Heifers). All Day sales commence at 11am.
Evening Sales 6pm.
All cattle have to be pre-booked please ring 063
98050 for Bullocks/Calves and 087 3794451For
Heifers/ Dry Cows. Anyone wishing to view cattle
have to make an appointment to do so, limited
spaces are available please ring 063 98050 Bullocks/
Calves & 087 3794451 Heifers/Dry Cows to be
guaranteed a time slot. All clients should make sure
to register their details to view sales and purchase
cattle by logging on to livestock-live. Com website.

Lot 3c,1 Limousine 375kgs €860; Lot 10a, 3 Aberdeen Angus 368kgs
€720 Lot 6, 2 Charolais 518kgs €1150; Lot 4a, 4 Hereford 508kgs
€1000; Lot 11, 4 Aberdeen Angus 489kgs €960; Lot 13, 1 Aberdeen
Angus 490kgs €940; Lot 3b, 1 Limousine 445kgs €920; Lot 2, 4,
Aberdeen Angus 471kgs €860; Lot 5, 6 Friesian 488kgs €790;
LOT 804, 1 Charolais 355kgs €730 (€2.05per kg); Lot 803, 3 Hereford 340kgs
€680(€2.00 per kg); Lot 806, 1 Limousine 290kgs €630(€2.17per kg)
Lot 500a, 1 Herefords 380kgs €700 (€1.84 per kg); Lot 500b, 1
Hereford’s 360kgs €700 (€1.94 per kg); Lot 500, 1 Simmental 310kgs
€600 (€1.93 per kg);
Charity Bullock
Lot 100 1 Hereford 500 kgs €1100

Lot 102, 1 Friesian 425kgs €600, Lot 109a, 1 Friesian 630kgs €800; Lot
103, 1 Friesian 600kgs €700; Lot 108d, 1 Friesian 585kgs €600; Lot 101,
1 Friesian 805kgs €990; Lot 101b, 1 Friesian 760kgs €960; Lot 103a
1 Friesian 695kgs €930; Lot 100, 1 Hereford 670kgs €920; Lot 109, 1
Friesian, 650kgs €840;
Lot 404d ,1 Hereford 315kgs €710, Lot 404a, 1 Shorthorn 280kgs €670;
Lot 404b, 1, Hereford 255kgs €580; Lot 402b, 1 Belgian Blue 210kgs
€510; Lot 405a, 1 Aberdeen Angus 215kgs €490; Lot 401a, 1 Aberdeen

Angus 470kgs €760; Lot 400b, 1 Hereford 365kgs €600; lot 403, 5,
Hereford 506kgs €870;
Lot 900a, 1 Charolais 435kgs €830(€1.90 kg); Lot 900, 2 Charolais
345kgs €760 (€2.20per kg);

Lot 607 A 6-year-old In Calf cow time up €1280, Lot m603 a 3-year-old
time up January €1240.

Lot 2052, a 2 ½ year old in calf Limousine February calver €1280.
Lot 5016 a June born Aberdeen Angus Bull €700; Lot 5010a 5-week-old
Belgian Blue heifer €560, Lot 5014 an 11-week-old aa heifer €535, Lot
5019 a 4 weeks old Belgian Blue heifer €380.

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