• Date: 08/06/2021
  • Type: Calves

  • Town: Kilkenny (Co. Kilkenny)
  • Address: Kilkenny Co-Operative Livestock Market Ltd., Cillin Hill, Dublin Road, Leggettsrath Kilkenny.
  • Webpage: Kilkenny Mart

08/06/2021 - Kilkenny Calf Sale Report

8th June 2021 No. on offer 100

Trade Comments A mixed selection of calves on offer

with top quality lots in short supply.

As and from next week our calf sale

will be held on Monday in conjunction

with our sheep sale.

Calves Details and Prices

1st Rate Friesian Bulls €110 to €135 per head

2nd Rate Friesian Bulls N/A

Continental Bulls €130 to €250 per head

Continental Heifers €80 to €220 per head

A.Angus/Hfd Bulls €100 to €340 per head

A.Angus/Hfd Heifers €80 to €200 per head

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