• Date: 23/02/2021
  • Type: Calves

  • Town: Kilkenny (Co. Kilkenny)
  • Address: Kilkenny Co-Operative Livestock Market Ltd., Cillin Hill, Dublin Road, Leggettsrath Kilkenny.
  • Webpage: Kilkenny Mart

23/02/2021 - Kilkenny Calf Sale Report

23rd February 2021 No. on offer 400

Trade Comments A smaller sale of calves compared to

last week with Continentals and

traditional breeds in demand.

First rate friesian bull calves sold

up to €170 with lessor types as low as

€10 per head.

Exporters were less active than this

time last year.

Calves Details and Prices

1st Rate Friesian Bulls €50 to €170 per head

2nd Rate Friesian Bulls €10 to €50 per head

Continental Bulls €180 to €430 per head

Continental Heifers €130 to €330 per head

A.Angus/Hfd Bulls €140 to €325 per head

A.Angus/Hfd Heifers €80 to €250 per head

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