• Date: 12/03/2019
  • Type: Calves

  • Town: Kilkenny (Co. Kilkenny)
  • Address: Kilkenny Co-Operative Livestock Market Ltd., Cillin Hill, Dublin Road, Leggettsrath Kilkenny.
  • Webpage: Kilkenny Mart

12/03/2019 - Kilkenny Calf Sale Report

Kilkenny Mart Calf Sale Tuesday 12th March 2019


500 on offer export type bulls more difficult to sell due to limited ferry space.Farmer buyers keeping a floor on better type Friesian Bulls.


2nd Rate Friesian Bull Calves  €10 to €70 per head

1st Rate Friesian Bull Calves €80 to €140 per head

AA/Herford Bull Calves    €100 to €260 per head

AA/Herford Heifer Calves €60 to €210 per head

Continental Bull Calves  €180 to €320 per head

Continental Heifer Calves €120 to €330 per head

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