• Date: 14/09/2020
  • Type: Cattle, Sheep, Weanling

  • Town: Headford (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Headford Mart, Balrickard, Headford, Co Galway
  • Webpage: Headford Mart

14/09/2020 - Headford Cattle & Sheep Mart Report

Saturday 12th September exceptional trade at Headford Mart with Weanling Heifers fetching €5.00/kg . 550 on offer. Bullocks ranged from €1.18 to €2.73 per kg or €120 to €900 over the kg. Top price over the kg Lmx, 540kg, €1440, €2.67/kg or. Top price per kg, Chx, 400kg, €1090, €2.73/kg.

Store Heifers ranged from €1.43 to €2.85 per kg or €150 to €795 over the kg. Top price over kg, Lmx, 575kg, €1370, €2.38/kg. Top price per kg, Chx, 270kg, €770, €2.85/kg.

Weanling Heifers ranged from €1.74 to €5.00 per kg or €200 to €1095 over the kg. Top price over the kg and per kg, Lmx, 275kg, €1370, €5.00/kg (2nd Prize).

Weanling Bulls ranged from €1.62 to €3.40 per kg or €180 to €930 over the kg. Top price over the kg, Bbx, 470kg, €1400, €2.98/kg (1st price). Top price per kg, Chx, 200kg, €680, €3.40/kg (2nd prize). Cull Cows ranged from €540 to €1640 for 3 yr old Lmx 790kg.

Sheep:  Lamb’s ranged from €57 up to €140 or €1.77 to €2.95 per kg.

50kg, €140, €2.80/kg - Ewe Lambs. 40kg, €116, €2.90/kg - Ewe Lambs. 35kg, €99, €2.83/kg - Ewe Lambs. 44kg, €124, €2.82/kg - Ewe Lambs. 45.5kg, €120, €2.64/kg – Ewe Lambs. Mixed bunches/wethers’ 41kg, €121, €2.95/kg. 45.5kg, €122, €2.80/kg. Cull ewe’s made from €74 to €105. Breeders made from €105 to €152. While Ewe Hogget’s fetched from €140 to €200.

Pre Booking essential and advisable for stock contact 093-35572 or 093-35551! Cattle sale 11:00AM and online with LSL. Limited access to sales ring every Saturday. A face covering must be worn on the mart premises. Sheep sale 10:00am. Upcoming sales at Headford Mart,. Saturday 19th September autumn cattle show & sale.


Congratulations to the following prize winners from Saturday’s Weanling Show & Sale for Limousin & Belgian Blue.

Limousin Heifers

1st – Martina Reilly, Beaghmore, Belclare. 320kg, €990, €3.09/kg.

2nd – John Mannion, Cloughbrack, Clonbur. 275kg, €1,370, €5.00/kg

Limousin Bulls

1st/2nd – Paddy Creaven, Clydagh, Headford. (1st) 400kg, €1,240, €3.10/kg. (2nd) 400kg, €1,120, €2.80/kg

Belgian Blue Weanling Bull

1st – Denis Naughton, Shrule, Dunmore. 470kg, €1,400, €2.98/kg.

2nd – Tom Faherty, Salahoona, Spiddal. 440kg, €1,175, €2.67/kg

Belgian Blue Heifers

1st /2nd - Pierce Joyce, Monivea. (1st) 355kg, €1,060, €2.99/kg. (2nd) 370kg, €800, €2.16/kg

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