• Date: 22/03/2018
  • Type: Cattle, Sheep

  • Town: Gort (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Ballybaun, Gort, Co. Galway
  • Webpage: Gort Mart

22/03/2018 - Gort Cattle & Sheep Mart Report

Despite poor grass growth, a lively trade with increased farmer activity around the ring, Heifers averaging over €40 per head on previous week & bulls & bullocks also saw an increase aided by the fact that agents & farmers are buying for the 7 month period for the ANC scheme. Export demand for light, plainer types of bulls . Bulls: 1 Chx,430kgs,€1190.1 Lm,420kgs,€1175.1 six,465kgs,€1145.1 chx,440kgs,€1135.1 Sax,425kgs,€1105.1 Bbx,440kgs,€1110. 2 lmx,412kgs,€1100.3 Chx,376kgs,€1090.1 Lmx,380kgs,€1085.3 Six,395kgs,€1035.1 Lm,360kgs,€1000.1 Lmx,350kgs,€955.1 Chx,340kgs,€930.1 Chx,300kgs,€845.1 Lmx,285kgs,€835.1 Six,325kgs,€790.1 Sax,265kgs,€760.1 325KGS,€715.1 CHX,225KGS,€710.1 Lmx,235kgs,€710. Bullocks: 1 chx,670kgs,€1465.2 Chx,530kgs,€1340.2 Chx,480kgs,€1260.1 Chx,485kgs,€1220.1 Chx,440kgs,€1205. Heifers: 1 Pix,505kgs,€1300. 1 Chx,485kgs,€1220.1 Lmx,475kgs,€1215.1 Chx,430kgs,€1100.5 Chx,398kgs,€1070. 1 Pix,420kgs,€1070.1 Bbx,365kgs,€1060. 1 Lmx,395kgs,€1050.1 lmx,385kgs,€1015.1 Lmx,360kgs,€1000.4 Chx,365kgs,€990.1 Sax,400kgs,€940.1 Chx,340kgs,€920. 1 Chx,320kgs,€880.1 Hex,390kgs,€800.1 Lmx,220kgs,€870.1 Sax,360kgs,€865.1 Lmx,3285kgs,€850.1 Lmx,300kgs,€840. Ped Lim Cows with calves at foot made from €1500 to €2100. In calf pedigree limousins made from €1200 to €1850. Dry cows: 1 Chx,710kgs,€1440.1 Lmx,680kgs,€1405.1 Aux,680kgs,€1300.1 Lm,650kgs,€1210.1 Fr,730kgs,€1020.1 Hex,520kgs,€670. 1 Chx,470kgs,€820. Lambs: 22,27kgs,€100.2,48kgs,€120.8,41kgs,€95.2,32kgs,€77.Ewes made from €87 to €140. Factory demand for light lambs.


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