• Date: 01/02/2018
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Gort (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Ballybaun, Gort, Co. Galway
  • Webpage: Gort Mart

01/02/2018 - Gort Cattle Mart Report

A large entry of good quality limousin & charolais bulls at Thursdays sale, which met with a strong demand, making from €2.70 to €3 per kilo between 300 & 400 kgs, lead by strong presence of feeders / agents. Lighter types reaching similar heights where better quality was on offer. Heifer trade averaged €2.50 per kilo with quality types between 300 & 400 kgs making €2.65 per kilo. Also good type breeding heifers made up to €2.65 per kg. Cull cows remain a strong trade also. Bulls: 1Lmx,465kgs,€1210.1 Chx,450kgs,€1190.1 lmx,405kgs,€1120.1 Lmx,385kgs,€1105.1 Lmx,355kgs,€1085.1 Chx,365kgs,€1035.1 Lm,340kgs,€1025.1 Chx,350kgs,€1010.1 Lm,340kgs,€1000.1 Lm,325kgs,€965.1 Chx,340kgs,€965.1 Chx,300kgs,€875.1 Lmx,295kgs,€865.1 Lmx,270kgs,€840.1 Lmx,260kgs,€800.1 six,270kgs,€765.1 Chx,242kgs,€735. Bullocks: 1 Chx,780kgs,€1550.1 Chx,745kgs,€1430.1 Lmx,695kgs,€1350.1 Chx,610kgs,€1300. Heifers: 1 Lmx,515kgs,€1280.1 Lmx,465kgs,€1180.1 Shx,475kgs,€1160.1 Lmx,395kgs,€1050.1 Bbx,400kgs,€1035.1 Chx,335kgs,€1020.1 Lmx,370kgs,€940.1 Chx,350kgs,€900.1 Chx,345kgs,€890.1 Lmx,270kgs,€865.3 306kgs,€825.1 Lmx,230kgs,€820. 1Lmx,280kgs,€750.1 Lmx,270kgs,€740.1 Aax,250kgs,€685.1 Chx,235kgs,€610.1 Lmx,185kgs,€520. Cows with calves at foot €1650. In calf cows made from €1090 to €1410. Dry cows: 1 Lmx,670kgs,€1340.1 Chx,645kgs,€1210.1 Bax,675kgs,€1200.1 Six,590kgs,€1180.1 Chx,685kgs,€1170.1 Hex,630kgs,€1070.1 Shx,500kgs,€770. Special entry of in calf cows on Thursday 8th February. Cattle Show & Sale on Friday 23rd February at 11 a.m

Lambs: 12,51kgs,€108.8,45kgs,€95.5,43kgs,€90.2,46.5kgs,€90. Cull ewes made up to €132.

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