• Date: 18/01/2018
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Gort (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Ballybaun, Gort, Co. Galway
  • Webpage: Gort Mart

18/01/2018 - Gort Cattle Mart Report

A Large entry of stock on offer. Bulls between 300 & 400 kgs making up to €2.80 per kilo with a few making over €3 per kg. Strong heifer trade with quality heifers around 500kgs making €700 with their weight. A lively trade for cull cows with top price per kilo €2.11 for continental types, with light cows making from €€1.25 to €1.50 per kilo. In calf cows made from €1200 to €1560. Bullocks: 1 Chx,650kgs,€1480.1 Chx,610kgs,€1405.1 Lmx,575kgs,€1350.8 Frx,508kgs,€830. Bulls: 1 Lmx,500kgs,€1250.1 CH,460kgs,€1205.1 Lm,460kgs,€1160.1 Lmx,390kgs,€1100.1 Lmx,375kgs,€1100.1 Sax,415kgs,€1055.1 Six,390kgs,€1000.1Lmx,390kgs,€1000.1 Lmx, 370kgs,€970.1 Aa,455kgs,€970.1 Chx,340kgs,€955.1 chx,320kgs,€925.1 lmx,300kgs,€860.1 Lmx,280kgs,€860.1 lmx,295kgs,€850.1 bax,305kgs,€840.1 Lmx,275kgs,€840.1 Chx,295kgs,€820.1 Lmx,220kgs,€775.1 aux,270kgs,€760.1 Chx,260kgs,€700. Heifers: 1 Bbx,525kgs,€1400.1 Lmx,500kgs,€1340.1 Bbx,525kgs,€1270.5 Lmx,516kgs,€1220. 1 Lm,450kgs,€1170.1 Six,490kgs,€1170.1 Lmx,465kgs,€1050.1 Six,475kgs,€1025.1 Aax,460kgs,€980.1 Lmx,395kgs,€960.1 Chx,325kgs,€900. 1 Chx,€810.1 Pix,235kgs,€785. 3 Lmx,301kgs,€785.2 Lmx,277kgs,€750.1 Aa,355kgs,€720.1 Lmx,215kgs,€580. Dry Cows: 1 Lm,790kgs,€1670.1 Lmx,840kgs,€1690.1 Lmx,755kgs,€1440.1 Bbx,695kgs,€1400.1 Lmx,680kgs,€1300.1 Lm,600kgs,€1200.1 Bbx,550kgs,€1160.1 Sa,610kgs,€1150.1 Lmx,550kgs,€1055.1 Fr,670kgs,€880.In Calf cows: 1 Six, due mid March to PB Lim, 625kgs, €1560. 1 Lmx,due early March to PB Lim, 610kgs,€1500. 1 Chx, due early March to PB Lim, 650kgs,€1410. 1 Six, due mid March to Pb Lim,610kgs,€1400.    

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