• Date: 07/06/2018
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Sheep, Weanling

  • Town: Gort (Co. Galway)
  • Address: Ballybaun, Gort, Co. Galway
  • Webpage: Gort Mart

07/06/2018 - Gort Mart Report

Mart report 7th June 18

A lively trade for continental type heifers & bulls, with heifers showing an increase of up to €150 a head on April & May prices. Heifers made up to €3.05 per kilo with top weanling bull price per kilo €3.27. Numbers on offer were smaller than previous weeks as farmers attention is fixed on hay & silage making. Trade was driven by feeders & agents with cull cows a firm trade for both continental & traditional breeds. Sale every Thursday evening- weanlings, bullocks, heifers, dry cows & suckler stock. Bulls: 1 Lmx,575kgs,€1460.1 Lmx,500kgs,€1285.1 Chx,400kgs,€1060.1 Chx,375kgs,€1090.2 Lmx,362kgs,€1070. 1 Chx,350kgs,€980. 2 Chx,332kgs,€905.1 Lmx,355kgs,€990.1 Aax,330kgs,€730.1 Sh,195kgs,€540.1 Lmx,330kgs,€965.1 Lmx,315kgs,€880.Bullocks: 1 Chx,530kgs,€1330.1 Lmx,475kgs,€1250.1 Six,440kgs,€1180.1 Lm,400kgs,€1110.1 Aax,410kgs,€1010.1 Chx,390kgs,€970. Heifers: 1 Chx,650kgs,€1600. 1 Chx,630kgs,€1420. 1 Bbx,525kgs,€1400.1 Lmx,525kgs,€1265.2 Lmx,430kgs,€1170.1 Chx,400kgs,€1060.2 Lmx,360kgs,€980.1 Chx,350kgs,€935.1 Lmx,340kgs,€1000.1 Lmx,330kgs,€940.1 Lmx,305kgs,€930.Dry Cows: 1 Bbx,700kgs,€1360.1 Lmx,705kgs,€1345.1 Ptx,595kgs,€1240.1 Bbx,670kgs,€1210.1 Lmx,620kgs,€1160.1 Lmx,525kgs,€1160.1 Hex,505kgs,€940. Lambs prices: A slight increase in the price of lambs at Wednesdays sale, butcher lambs selling well. Live weighing of factory lambs continues on the Monday evenings from 6 to 7 pm. Auction prices: 4,47.5kgs,€125.20,50kgs,€125.7,46.5kgs,€121. 6,44.5kgs,€119. 7,46.5kgs,€117. 6,35.5kgs,€90. Cull ewes made from €100 to €130.

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