• Date: 11/03/2019
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Ennis (Co. Clare)
  • Address: Ennis Weanlings & Sheep Mart Quin Rd, Bunnow, Ennis, Co. Clare
  • Webpage: Ennis Mart

11/03/2019 - Ennis Cattle Mart Report

Ennis Bull Sale March 11th 2019


A mixed breed bull sale was held today.  Trade was mixed but some nice quality bulls sold well.  Quality across the breeds was variable.  Hereford bulls made from €1,670 to €2,900 and Angus made to €1,540.  Charolais made €2,000 to €2,550 and Limousin made €1,800 to €2,420.  Simmental made €1,200 to €1,700 on the day.

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