• Date: 07/11/2019
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Castlerea (Co. Roscommon)
  • Address: Castlerea Livestock Co-operative Mart, Main St, Demesne, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
  • Webpage: Castlerea Mart

07/11/2019 - Castlerea Cattle Mart Report

Castlerea Mart Market Report re sale 07/11/19

700 cattle presented for sale on Thursday last with trade maintained and in most cases improved with extra farmer activity driving the trade. The heifer ring reported a good clearance with similar numbers presented for sale while in the weanling rings numbers are starting to fall but demand has increased especially for the quality lots on offer. Breeding stock, runners and the Dry cow rings also reported good clearances.


HEIFERS: Lmx 410kgs €940 Lm 400kgs €910 Lmx 435kgs €1400 Ch 480kgs €1075 Ch 470kgs €1060 Lm 505kgs €1385 Lm 595kgs €1360 Lm 645kgs €1340

DRY COWS: Lm 865kgs €1455 Ch 810kgs €1415 Lm 785kgs €1415 Ch 795kgs €1325 Six 475kgs €700 Fr 535kgs €600

Cows with calves at foot made from €1140 to €1240 per head.

Springers made form €600 to €1500 per head.

CALVES/RUNNERS: Friesian bull calves made from €5 to €30 per head, young calves made from €185 to €210 per head. Runners made from €350 to €800 for the continental lots.

WEANLING BULLS: Ch 295kgs €880 BB290kgs €850 BBx 295kgs €1030 Lmx 335kgs €970 Lm 425kgs €940 Ch 350kgs €935 Ch 340kgs €935

WEANLING HEIFERS: Ch 285kgs €950 Ch 240kgs €880 Ch 280kgs €880 Ch 270kgs €800 Lm 310kgs €855 Six 360kgs €830 Ch 305kgs €780 Ch 275kgs €755

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