• Date: 09/05/2019
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Castlerea (Co. Roscommon)
  • Address: Castlerea Livestock Co-operative Mart, Main St, Demesne, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
  • Webpage: Castlerea Mart

09/05/2019 - Castlerea Cattle Mart Report

Castlerea Co-Operative Livestock Mart Market Report Re Sale 09/05/19

A large entry of stock presented for sale again this week with both the bullock and heifer rings reporting a very good trade and the Heifers in particular with  a good entry of quality stock recording some very fancy prices on the day. The weanling rings reported a similar story with demand remaining strong for both the bulls and heifers, Dr cows were a flying trade also for both the stores and the forward lots while breeding stock and calves reported good clearances with €585 recorded for a 3 week old Belgian Blue bull calf.


BULLOCKS: Ch 455kgs €1260 Ch 425kgs €1175 Lm 475kgs €1205 AAx 520kgs €1305 AA 500kgs €1220 Lm 510kgs €1205


HEIFERS: Ch 405kgs €1065 Lm 495kgs €1345 Lmx 470kgs €1265 Ch 510kgs €1505 Lm 550kgs €1445 Ch 540kgs €1370


DRY COWS: Chx 680kgs €1500 AAx 760kgs €1470 Lm 700kgs €1450 Lmx 685kgs €1405 Lmx 800kgs €1595

Cows with calves at foot made form €1000 to €1950 for a Limousin cow and her limousin heifer calf at foot

Springers made from €1040 to €1400 per head


CALVES & RUNNERS: Good numbers on offer with trade and prices remaining good for all lots on offer.


CALVES:  Hex bull €355 Hex hfr €365 BB bull €585 AA hfr €240 Lm hfr €405 Fr bull €90 Fr bull €140

Runners made from €350 to €725 for continental lots.


WEANLING BULLS: Ch 285kgs €960 Ch 255kgs €885 Lm 250kgs €840 Lm 245kgs €835 Ch 430kgs €1125 Ch 375kgs €1080


WEANLING HEIFERS: Si 295kgs €905 Lm 270kgs €840 Ch 260kgs €810 Ch 310kgs €1020 Lm 330kgs €1000 Ch 320kgs €935 BBx 280kgs €870


Sales continue @ Castlerea Mart on Thursday next the 16th May with our usual sale of Bullocks, Heifers, Cows, Calves, Runners and Weanlings

All sales commence @ 11 AM

3 rings in operation


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