• Date: 11/04/2018
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Baltinglass (Co. Wicklow)
  • Address: Baltinglass Livestock Mart, Mill Street, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow PRSA Licence No. 2721 T
  • Webpage: Baltinglass Mart

11/04/2018 - Baltinglass Cattle Mart Report

Cattle Sales 11/04/18

A special cattle sale was held in Baltinglass Mart on the 11th of April with great success. Both bullocks and heifers were met with great demand, resulting in a complete clearance on the day. Store bullocks were making up to €3.10/KG and store heifers making up to €2.80/KG. Fat cows remaining the same at €2.00/KG.


Sample Prices


Limousin             25m   725KG made €1600

Limousin             25m   540KG made €1220

Limousin             24m   570KG made €1210

Shorthorn            24m   510KG made €1150

Charolais            15m   445KG made €1070

Belgian Blue       34m   455KG made €1000

Simmental          24m    455KG made €1000

Limousin            12m    315KG made €975



Limousin            25m 555KG made €1380

Charolais           27m 555KG made €1300

Limousin            24m 480KG made €1290

Limousin            27m 545KG made €1280

Limousin            25m 540KG made €1260

Limousin            24m 522KG made €1225

Limousin            24m 505KG made €1170

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