• Date: 11/10/2017
  • Type: Cattle, Sheep, Weanling

  • Town: Ballinrobe (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Ballinrobe Mart, Claremorris Road, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo
  • More Info: Ballinrobe Mart

11/10/2017 - Ballinrobe Mart Cattle and Sheep Report

Ballinrobe Mart had its biggest sale of cattle this year so far, trade was relatively unchanged with as always the demand for the quality stock to the fore.


Some examples of Heifer prices from ring , a Limousine X 475 kg made €1340.00 or €2.83 per kg, a Charolais 565 kg made €1465.00 or €2.59 per kg , an Aberdeen Angus X 430 kg made €1125.00 or €2.62 per kg and 3 Black Herefords sold together 375 kg made €895.00 or €2.39 per kg.

Some Bullock prices, a Charolais X 565 kg made €1480.00 or €2.62 per kg, a Limousine X 505 kg made €1380.00 or €2.73 per kg, a Limousine X 455 kg made €1275.00 or €2.80 and 6 Friesians' sold together 385 kg made €715.00 or €1.86 per kg.

In Ring 2 top price in the Weanling Heifers went to a Charolais 275 kg made €950.00 or € 3.45 per kg.

Best price in the Weanling Bulls went to a Charolais 295 kg made €1000.00 or €3.39 per kg

Top price in the Dry Cows went to a Charolais 865 kg made €1885.00 or €2.18per kg.


A Limousine cow with @ bull calf @ foot made €1575.00.


Sheep numbers are remaining very big with the prices remaining stable.. Store Lambs were making from €64.00 to €98.00 with ewe lambs making up to a €118.00, Factory Lambs were making from €95.00 to €105.00 with Fat Ewes making from €75.00 to a €105.00.


Breeding sheep sales continue every Friday. For further details on upcoming special sales see our website (www. or the local papers.


Pre- booking for cattle each Friday - (094 95 41140).

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