• Date: 08/09/2021
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Ballinrobe (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Ballinrobe Mart, Claremorris Road, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo
  • Webpage: Ballinrobe Mart

08/09/2021 - Ballinrobe Cattle Mart Report

Cattle Wednesday 8 th Sept
Cattle number rising each week in Ballinrobe as we enter the Autumn sales season. Feed lot buyers
around the ring plus online interest saw competitive prices in Ballinrobe this Wednesday with Heifer
trade like never before as indicated below.

CHX 575kg €1440 or 2.50 per kg
CHX 460kg €1220 or 2.65 per kg
CHX 540KG €1390 or 2.57 per kg
LMX 650kg €1490 or 2.40 per kg
LMX 550kg €1430 or 2.60 per kg
AAX 445kg €980 or 2.20 per kg
AAX 395kg €890 or 2.25 per kg


CHX 505kg €1250 or 2.48 per kg
CHX 445kg €1150 or 2.58 per kg
CHX 380kg €1010 or 2.66 per kg
LMX 415kg €1160 or 2.80 per kg
AAX 510KG €1270 or 2.49 per kg
AAX 490kg €1280 or 2.61 per kg
AAX 415kg €900 or 2.17 per kg
HEX 580kg €1270 or 2.19 per kg
Dry Cows: Made from €1140 up to €1830 for a 890KG CHX cow
Cows with Calves at foot: Made up to €1480

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