• Date: 10/06/2021
  • Type: Calves, Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Ballinrobe (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Ballinrobe Mart, Claremorris Road, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo
  • Webpage: Ballinrobe Mart

10/06/2021 - Ballinrobe Cattle & Sheep Mart Report

Ballinrobe Mart Report 9th-10th of June 2021
Prices remaining positive with great demand as we head into the summer season. some

prices from the sales as follows...

Breed Weight Price Price per kg


LMX 555kg €1150 or 2.07 per kg
AAX 565Kg €1200 or 2.12 per kg
SAX 490kg €1160 or 2.37 per kg
CHX 405kg €1120 or 2.77 per kg

(Lighter Heifers...)

LMX 255kg €680 or 2.67 per kg
CH 345kg €920 or 2.67 per kg
AAX 350kg €750 or 2.14 per kg


CHX 520 kg €1300 or 2.50 per kg
a lot of 2... LMX 402kg €1000 or 2.48 per kg
Bull Weanlings

LMX 270Kg €690 or 2.56 per kg
CH 400kg €840 or 2.10 per kg
CHX 270kg €600 or 2.22 per kg
AA 385kg €810 or 2.10per kg

Dry Cows: Made from €1040 to €1420 for a 725kg SHX

Cows with Calves at foot: Made up to €1520 for a 3rd calf CH cow with a Heifer calf at foot

Suck Calves will be sold immediately after the dry cows every Wednesday.
Pre booking Friday morning from 9am to 1pm on 094 9541140.

Some Prices From Thursday Sheep Sale:

-- Cull ewes made from €88 to €165 for an 87kg ewe.
-- A lot of Spring Lambs of 30kg made €85, another 41.5kg making €140 and 52kgs made €167.
-- Ewes and lambs making €208 for a lot of 2 ewes and 4 lambs, Another lot of a Ewe and single ewe
lamb made €120
All sheep are weighed and sold through the ring using the online system MartBids.
Aurivo Livestock Mart wishes to advise sellers that all stock must be penned by 9.30 am at the


Thank you for your co- operation.

Please check our web site for upcoming special sales.

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