• Date: 05/04/2021
  • Type: Weanling

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

05/04/2021 - Balla Weanling Mart Report

Balla Weanling Sale Report....
The Bank holiday Monday weanling sale was held today. A big sale that
commenced at 10:30am and there was a mixed lot of weanlings on offer. Buyers
were bidding online using the Farmers Journal APK MartBids. Light Bull
weanlings 200kg to 350kg averaged 2.81p/kg. There was a power of these
300kg+ quality lots making over the 3:00p/kg. Bulls 350kg to 450kg averaged
2.59 p/kg. While 450kg+ averaged 2.32 p/kg. One Char bull born weighing 335kg
@ E1,140.00 euro or 3.40p/kg & a heavier 570kg CHX Bull that made E1,230.00,
There was just over 300 heifers weanlings and those up to 350 kg averaged 2.83
euro p/kg. Heifer weanlings 350kg to 450kg averaged 2.54 p/kg with the weight
while 450kg plus averaged 2.25 p/kg. The best a 455kg Lim for breeding that
made E1,120.00 or 2:46 p/kg.
The next sale of weanlings will be in two weeks on Tuesday evening the 20th of
April. An evening sale with booking on Thursday the 15th at 11:00am on 0818
301 401....

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