• Date: 08/02/2020
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

08/02/2020 - Balla Cattle Mart Report

Balla Mart Report....

On Saturday the 8th of February the sale was held at Balla. A big sale with a lot of lighter cattle on sale. It was great to see a bit of life in the trade. Trade was brisk for the good stock that were not short in money with prices up for all cattle. Bullocks 300kg to 400kg were dearer and averaged 2.40p/kg. Store bullocks 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.25 p/kg...the best sold by a farmer from Islandeady - Castlebar who had a 435kg CHX that made E1220 or 2.80p/kg, While heavier bullocks 500kg + averaged  E2.13 p/kg.
Heifer numbers were well up there was over 280 heifers this week. Heifers up to 400 kg  averaged 2.57 Euro p/kg. Heifers 400kg to 500kg averaged E2.34p/kg with the weight. While 500kg+ averaged 2.17p/kg.. the best a Char heifer weighing 705kg sold by a farmer from Killasser - Swinford that made E1,620.00.

This week the cow numbers were just over 180 lots for sale. Buyers were saying they "Mad dear!" The best dry cow was a cow sold by a  farmer from Scardaune - Claremorris that weighed 905kg and made E1,775.00 euro. While in the springers there was a Feb '17 incalf  due mid March sold by a Mace - Claremorris farmer at E1,680.00.

In the weanlings there was a small sale in general prices remain steady. Light Bull weanlings 200kg to 350kg averaged 2.39p/kg. Bulls 350kg to 450kg averaged 2.19 p/kg.

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