• Date: 13/04/2019
  • Type: Cattle, Weanling

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

13/04/2019 - Balla Cattle Mart Report

Balla Mart Report....

On Saturday the 13th of April the sale was held at Balla.. There was a very big yard of cattle with 1200 in total. A lot of hot cattle out of sheds. Bullocks 300kg to 400kg were making up to E845 with the weight and averaging 2.55p/kg. A 395kg CHX sold by a Ballintubber - Claremorris farmer born Apr '18 at E1,240.00 or 3.14 p/kg. There was some lovely store bullocks 400kg to 500kg that were making up to E820 with the weight and these averaged 2.36 p/kg...the best a 480kg LMX born Dec '17 sold by a farmer from Lisheenabrone - Swinford at E1300 or 2.71p/kg, While heavier bullocks 500kg + averaged 2.21 p/kg. A farmer from Cloonlyon - Charlestown had a 730kg CHX bullock born Apr '17 that got E1.600.00 euro or 870 euro with the weight.
There was a big sale of heifers this week with numbers well up & 500 Heifers on in the yard. Trade was well maintained on last week. Heifers up to 400 kg were simular and averaged 2.42 Euro p/kg this week. A nice LMX heifer born May '18 weighing 390kg sold by an Straide - Foxford farmer at E1320 or E3.38p/kg. Heifers 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.32 p/kg with the weight. There was a 410kg BBX heifer for breeding born Jan '18 sold by a farmer from Collocoon - Louisburg for E1,580.00 or 3.85 p/kg. While 500kg plus were averaged 2.15p/kg.. the best a 580kg CHX heifer for feeding sold by a farmer from Carnahan - Balla for E1,470.00 or 2.53 p/kg.

This week there was 127 cows. The best dry cow was a 670kg PB animal born Dec '14 at E1,440.00 euro sold by a farmer from Kilsallagh - Westport. While in the springers the best was nice Lim cow born Mar '15 by a Brackloon - Charlestown farmer for breeding that made E2,050.00.

On Monday the 8th of April the weanling sale was held at Balla. It was a fairly big sale comprising of about 500 lots. There was a fine trade for anything nice especially those nice shaped red lim types and farmers sold away no problem keeping it well up. Bull weanlings were well  up 200kg to 350kg averaged 2.76p/kg and the best a 340kg BBX born April '18 sold by a Kilmovee - Ballaghadreen farmer at E1,080.00 or 3.18 p/kg. Bulls 350kg to 450kg  averaged 2.44 p/kg...the best a 390kg LMX sold by a farmer from Keelogues - Ballyvary born Mar '18 at E1,180.00 or 3.03p/kg, While heavier bulls 450kg averaged 2.11 p/kg. The best again a 470kg LMX at E1,350.00 euro or 2.87 p/kg sold by a farmer from Creggs - Balla...

In the Heifer weanlings there was just over 150 lots on offer this week . Heifers up to 350 kg averaged 2.68 Euro p/kg and making around E600 to E750 with the weight. A really special 330kg BBX heifer for breeding born Aug '18 sold by a Williamstown farmer for E1,210.00 or E3.67p/kg. Heifer weanlings 350kg to 450kg averaged 2.41 p/kg with the weight. The best a CHX again for breeding purposes sold by an Leckee - Foxford farmer weighing 435kg at E1,250.00 at 2.87 p/kg. While 450kg+ heifer weanlings averaged 2.18 p/kg.


295KG CHX E980 @ 3.32 P/KG

395KG CHX E1240 @ 3.14 P/KG

480KG LMX E1300 @ 2.71 P/KG

630KG LMX E1505 @ 2.39 P/KG

*725KG CHX E1600 @ 2.21 P/KG


280KG CHX E890 @ 3.18 P/KG

390KG LMX E1320 @ 3.38 P/KG

*410KG BBX E1580 @ 3.85 P/KG

580KG CHX E1470 @ 2.53 P/KG

Bull Weanlings:

340KG BBX E1080 @ 3.18 P/KG

390KG LMX E1180 @ 3.03 P/KG

*470KG LMX E1350 @ 2.87 P/KG

Heifer Weanlings:

290KG LMX E930 @ 3.21 P/KG

*330KG BBX E1210 @ 3.67 P/KG

435KG CHX E1250 @ 2.87 P/KG

The next sale will be on Saturday the 20th of April with booking on Wednesday the 17th of Apr at 09:30 am for the Bullocks & Heifers & 11:00am for the cows. While the booking for the Weanlings will be booked on Thursday the 18th at 09:30am. Booking will be taken on 0818-301-401.

It is now an option for sellers to get paid by EFT payment to their Bank Account...if interested please get the necessary form from the mart.

Also all cattle must have two tags & be properly de-horned when presented for sale.




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