• Date: 01/05/2021
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

01/05/2021 - Balla Cattle Mart Report

Balla Mart Report....
The sale was held in Balla for all types of cattle with three rings in operation
selling just over 800 cattle. There was a fine clearance of cattle with a lot of lighter
stock on offer selling at a price and anything with weight 650kg to 750kg making
good money, Heavy bullocks were selling really well. Buyers were bidding from
all over Ireland using the Farmers Journal APK ‘MartBids’. Bullocks 300kg to
400kg averaged 2.78p/kg. Store bullocks 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.50
p/kg...While heavier bullocks 500kg + averaged 2.36 p/kg. A farmer from
Aughagower – Westport had some fine store cattle the best a 435kg CHX that
made E1,350.00 or 3.10 p/kg. And a young farmer from Cloonliffin – Ballinrobe
done really well with a heavy bullock a 745kg char @ E1,850.00 or 2.48 p/kg and
there was another 675kg @ E1,730.00 or 2.56p/kg…
There was a good sale of heifers with just over 350 and they were similar to last
week. Heifers up to 400 kg averaged 2.56 Euro p/kg. Heifers 400kg to 500kg
averaged E2.41p/kg. While 500kg+ averaged 2.36p/kg. For example a LMX 305kg
@ E1,230.00 or 4.03p/kg sold by a farmer from Glann - Charlestown and a April
’19 BBX heifer sold by a Bekan – Claremorris farmer weighing 440kg @ E1,450.00
or 3.30p/kg while a heavier 690kg Lim made E1,580.00…
There was a large sale of dry cows this Saturday with 120 lots on offer. A 920kg
char made E2,070.00 sold by a farmer from Ballyvary – Castlebar farmer. In the
springers there was a good mix of cattle the best being a 660kg Lim @ E1,950.00 a
3 year old cow with its heifer calf at foot. There was a small amount of bull
weanlings those upto 350kg averaged 2.51 p/kg, 350kg to 450kg averaged
2.57p/kg and 450kg plus were averaging 2.26p/kg…
Booking as normal this week Bullocks/Heifers will be booked at 09:30am on
Wednesday 5 th with Cows booked at 11am.
Weanlings will be booked on Thursday 6th between 09:30am to 01:00pm for the
weanlings sale on Saturday/
Booking Number is 0818 301 401

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