• Date: 20/02/2021
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

20/02/2021 - Balla Cattle Mart Report

Balla Mart Report....
A sale of over 800 cattle…a bigger sale due to the weather conditions of last
week…an online sale with buyers bidding using the MartBids APK. There was a
good trade for most types of cattle. Bullocks 300kg to 400kg averaged 2.61p/kg.
Store bullocks 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.46 p/kg...While heavier bullocks 500kg
+ averaged E2.35 p/kg. There was some great heavy bullocks sold the best a char
755kg sold by a farmer from Parke – Castlebar @ E1,800.00.
There was over 300 heifers this week. Heifers up to 400 kg averaged 2.71 Euro
p/kg. Heifers 400kg to 500kg averaged E2.53p/kg. While 500kg+ averaged
2.43p/kg.. The best an BBX heifer 560kg @ E1,580.00 OR 2.79 P/KG sold by a
farmer from Manulla - Castlebar.
There was some excellent prices paid for cows this Saturday. In the dry cows
there was a 890kg Char that made E1,800.00 sold by a farmer from Drimulra –
Newport. There was a special weanling sale. Bull Weanlings 200kg to 350kg
averaged 2.70p/kg. Bulls 350kg to 450kg made 2.53 p/kg while 450kg+ averaged
2.28p/kg. The best a CHX 390KG @ E 1,090.00 or 2.79 P/KG sold by a Ballindrehid
– Keltimagh farmer. The next special sale of weanlings will be the 6 th of March…
Bullocks and Heifers can be booked at 09:30am on Wednesday while Cows will
booked on Wednesday at 11:00am and as usual and weanlings at 09:30am

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