• Date: 17/06/2017
  • Type: Cattle

  • Town: Balla (Co. Mayo)
  • Address: Balla Cattle Mart, Balla, Co. Mayo.
  • Webpage: Balla Mart

17/06/2017 - Balla Cattle Mart Report

Balla Mart Report...
“On Saturday the 17th of June the sale was held at Balla a seriously good trade for most cattle...strong bullock & heifer prices were up E20 - E30 euro on last week & light heifer prices were very good trade due to the Turkey export buyers and these export types averaged 3.11p/kg."
"Store Bullocks up to 400 kg were making upto E800 with the weight they averaged 2.60 p/kg. The best a 390kg Char born July 2016 sold by a Killasser - Swinford farmer for E1190 euro or 3.05 p/kg..
Bullocks 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.31 p/kg the best a 475g CHX born Apr 2016 sold by a Lurgan - Milltown farmer at E1290, Bullocks 500kg+ averaged 2.23 p/kg and there was some quality cattle on offer the tops being a 710kg CH_ born May 15 sold by a Brize - Claremorris farmer for E1850 euro or 1140 euro with the weight.
There was 240 lots of heifers this week.... improved on last week due to the presence of export buyers...those up to 400 kg averaged 2.49 Euro p/kg. The best this week a BBX heifer born July 16 sold by a Glenhest - Newport farmer 375kg that made E1160 or 3.09p/kg. Heavier heifers 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.30 p/kg with the weight. While 500kg plus slightly up and averaged 2.34p/kg...they met with a strong trade & the best was a 665kg CHX born Mar 2015 sold by a Rathduff - Balla farmer for E1650 euro 2.48p/kg or E985 with the weight for the northern trade.
This week there was 100 cows ....In the Springer's there was a some nice cattle & best this week was a 3 yr Char cow with Char heifer Calf at foot sold by a local Knocknakill - Mayo Abbey farmer for E1800 euro...while in the dry cows there was a Feb 06 born Char 875kg sold by a Tourlestrane - Co Sligo farmer that made E1800 euro and these averaged from 2.01 p/kg."
In the weanlings there was a small sale. The weanling bulls 200 to 350kg averaged 2.63p/kg, While heavier types 350 to 450 kg averaged 2.58 p/kg. A farmer from Shraheens - Balla was delighted after getting E1260 for his 420kg Lmx bull born June 16 @ 3.00p/kg.
In the Heifer weanlings 200 to 350 kg calves averaged 2.61 p/kg. Heavier heifer weanlings 350 to 450 kg averaged 2.42 p/kg. One nice 350kg BBX heifer born June 16 owned by a Crossmolina farmer that made E1085 that's 3.10 p/kg. 
275KG LMX E920 @ 3.35 P/KG 390KG CHX E1190 @ 3.05 P/KG
475KG CHX E1290 @ 2.72 P/KG
595KG CHX E1540 @ 2.59 P/KG
685KG CH_ E1745 @ 2.55 P/KG
*710KG CH_ E1850 @ 2.61 P/KG
265KG LMX E900 @ 3.40 P/KG
375KG BBX E1160 @ 3.09 P/KG
430KG PTX E1345 @ 3.24 P/KG
550KG LMX E1550 @ 2.82 P/KG
665KG CHX E1650 @ 2.48 P/KG
Bull Weanlings:
275KG LMX E850 @ 3.09 P/KG
365KG CHX E1105 @ 3.03 P/KG *420KG LMX E1260 @ 3.00 P/KG

"Heifer Weanlings:
295KG LMX E900 @ 3.05 P/KG
380KG CHX E1025 @ 2.70 P/KG"
455KG SIX E1135 @ 2.49 P/KG

Forthcoming Marts at Balla
Next Saturday will be the End of Month Continental Sale on the 24th of June with booking on Wednesday the 21st at 09:30 am for the Bullocks & Heifers & 11:00am for the cows while the booking for the Weanlings will be on Thursday the 22nd at 09:30am on 0818-301-401.
Also all cattle must have two tags & be properly de-horned when presented for sale.

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