CFI - areas of element deficiencies for Sheep

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CFI - areas of element deficiencies for Sheep

According to Teagasc Copper (Cu) deficiency occurs mainly on coarse-textured, sandy and organic soils derived from acidic and igneous rocks.



Soils low in Cu are common in the old red sandstones soils of Cork, soils derived from granite in Wicklow and east Kildare, and sandy and gravely soils of Carlow and south Kildare.






Peat soils are also inherently low in cobalt. Levels of cobalt in limestone soils .are very variable depending on the purity of the parent rock. Contents in shale soils range from low to quite high, depending on whether the shales are arenaceous (sandy) or argillaceous (clayey). Cobalt levels in Irish soils formed from a variety of parent materials are shown in Table 1 (Fleming, 1978). (see link to map below)






In Ireland, low-selenium soils are known to occur (Fig 7) in parts of Carlow, Wexford, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford and also in light-textured soils formed from clear water limestones in east Galway (Fleming, 1978).


However, more intensive sampling is necessary before accurate delineation of low-selenium soil is possible.





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