FARMING SAFELY 5 - Slurry Gas - The Silent Killer

20/07/2018 Farm Safety
FARMING SAFELY 5 - Slurry Gas - The Silent Killer

FARMING SAFELY -  "Is there a safer way to do this"



This week we have shown lots of support videos and Safety First ideas. If the only think you do as as result of #FarmSafetyWeek is ask yourself before each task "Is there a safer way to do this?" then you will have got a  lot of value from #FarmSafetyWeek



SLURRY GAS - The Silent Killer on your farm.



In this joint production video between the RSA and Irish Rural Link and producted by FARM TV - one farmer gives a frightening insight into how silently this gas can take a human life.





and the final video of this weeks highlighting  #FARMSAFETYWEEK on  is this HSA reminder that your farms needs you to survive so it can survive.








You are not on your own - even if much of your time on the farm is spent on your own - Use the resources to make your farming "SAFER".













Support for families impacted by farm tragedies.

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