Busy Silotite Stand at FTMTA Show

13/02/2019 Agri Contractors
Busy Silotite Stand at FTMTA Show

The Silotite stand at the 2019 FTMTA show in Punchestown, Co. Kildare attracted a lot of attention from livestock farmers and baled silage contractors from the Republic and Northern Ireland. Present on the stand were Armagh man  Lloyd Dawson, Sales Director RPC bpi agriculture, Paul Johnson, Area Manager for Northern Ireland,  Vicki Coleman from the Marketing Dept. and Stuart Anthony, RPC bpi agriculture, Area Sales Manager for Wales.


On display was the innovative Film & Film (F&F) wrapping system for baled silage. Indeed the number of bales wrapped last season by McHale Fusion 3 Plus bale wrappers using the F&F system has doubled again over the previous season and is set to rapidly expand in the silage market over the coming years.

This dual film technology involves the combined use of Baletite mantle film alongside the next generation of Silotite 5 Layer Technology balewrap. The 100% recyclable mantle film replaces the traditional netwrap used to bind crops into a bale format.


Silotite Pro balewrap is a five-layer, high performance wrapping film. With 5 layer technology all the mechanical aspects of the balewrap (strength, puncture and tear resistance, elasticity, UV stability and cling) are maximised resulting in a reliable, stable, high performing quality balewrap.

SilotitePro Black is on a 1950m reel instead of the usual 1500m supplied with conventional products. This additional length allows users to produce 30% more bales per reel.  The resultant cost savings are further enhanced by a reduction in the number of reel changes necessary. For example, given that un-boxing and changing a reel takes approx. 7 minutes on each occasion, it is possible for farmers and contractors wrapping circa 350 bales a day to save up to 30 minutes daily.


SilotitePro is available in 100% recyclable polythene sleeve packaging. Made from the same base material (low density polyethylene) as the balewrap itself, the sleeve removes the need for cardboard cartons and can be easily recycled through the same channel as used balewrap thereby aiding waste management on farm.

The overall benefit is that this innovative system reduces the cost of making baled silage and, when applied properly, delivers mould free silage for feeding to valuable livestock. The Film & Film wrapping system is also more environmentally friendly and less labour intensive as unlike netwrap both films can be recycled without the need for segregation of the netwrap.


Excellent trial results have been obtained in Britain.  For example a dairy farmer could gain an average of 5.7kg DM (Dry Matter) per F & F bale so the 67.26 MJ ME averagely gained for each of the F & F bales could give an additional 11.6 litres of milk production. Or for a cattle farmer each F & F bale could give an additional 1.5 kgs of beef production.  A short movie of the F&F trial and its findings can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfT3AJtW8AY&sns=em.

For more info on this new silage technology please check out check out www.filmandfilmwrapping.com. Or email marketing@rpc-bpi.com or check out www.bpiagriculture.com

Editors Notes:

  • Baletite and Silotite are manufactured in Britain and Belgium by RPC bpi agriculture, a market leader in the production of superior silage stretch film products.  For over 30 years RPC bpi agriculture has helped farmers and contractors worldwide produce high quality silage.  During this time the company has gained a wealth of experience and significant expertise in the manufacture and application of silage stretch films.

  • The company also supplies the high-performance Visqueen silage sheets, including Clingseal, a new generation clamp sheet that sits directly beneath the traditional silage sheet. Visqueen Clingseal is a thin, flexible low permeability film designed to cling to the clamp surface where it prevents pockets of trapped air forming thereby significantly reducing aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders. Because it provides an effective air seal and creates the right anaerobic conditions, it also facilitates a faster, more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality.


  • The RPC bpi agriculture group employs over 2,000 people, has a turnover of over £700 M and operations in 23 countries. RPC bpi recycled products is a fully audited polythene reprocessor certified with ISO 9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001.  RPC bpi is Europe’s largest polythene recycler and processes over 120,000 tonnes pa. This covers LDPE and HDPE recycling and can be grouped into industrial, packaging and agricultural waste. Check out https://bpiagriculture.com/sustainability/

Pictured  at the busy FTMTA farm machinery show were L2R: Roisin McGuiness and Angelika Olewinska (far right) both FTMTA office, Robert Wilkinson, FTMTA with Gary Ryan, CEO of FTMTA  and James Butler’ FTMTA President, Lloyd Dawson, Sales Director  and Stuart Anthony, Area Sales Manager for Wales both with RPC bpi agriculture

Pictured on the busy Farm Contractors of Ireland (FCI) stand at the FTMTA farm machinery show were L2R:  Michael Moroney, CEO of FCI, June Smith, Executive Council of the FCI. Lloyd Dawson, Sales Director with RPC bpi agriculture, Peter Farrelly, General Secretary of FCI and Stuart Anthony, RPC bpi agriculture, Area Sales Manager for Wales

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